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Hand Crafted Artifacts

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    Artifacts: Spiritual Saga Sitting Ganesha Idol
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    Spiritual Saga Sitting Ganesha Idol
    Deities Artifacts

Designer Artifacts

Life is all about our state of mind. There is a huge difference between how we see things and how we perceive them. This differential change inspires us to live better. To convey this effective approach there is some supernatural things gifted by gods in their own meaning which carries the power of positive force. One of them is healing stone which is only found in the Himalayas. They have strong positive energy stored within and when you will look at them you will easily get amazed by their beautiful characteristics and vibrant appeal. These are known best for their positive influence on people as well as in the surrounding of home. At, you can shop artifacts made up of these special healing stones. Artistic designs and motifs are formed on these stones by the skilled designer artists to attach more meaning to relevant positive energy impact. We have a collection of silver coated healing stone artifacts with religious and spiritual motifs crafted on them. This collection can be used for home decorations to keep the flow of positive energies very strong and very powerful for you and your family well-being. Along with these home decorating artifacts, we also have 99.5 silver coated healing stone pendants for people who want to carry positive energy and vibe wherever they go. These pendants also carry the special motifs flawlessly created by talented artists to bring positive changes, calmness and serenity around. is a complete designer fashion jewellery online store which deals in a wide range of modern and traditional jewellery products. We also have collection of artifacts made for people who demand strong positive influence in their daily life. We have home decoration artifacts and healing stone artifact pendants for everyone. Customers can buy artifacts directly from our online store with access to secured payment system. Cash on delivery facility is also available to purchase these items.