10 Things Men hate to do

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We got the boys in our team to put their heads together and come up with the most definitive list of what they really, really, really, really hate doing. Go on,  take a look, and thank us later!


  • Pretending to not care when they actually do
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Guys are really tired of pretending to be off-handish and nonchalant when they actually care and care a great deal. They’re just too embarrassed to show that particular facet of themselves to the world.


  • Being the chief responsibility holder/caregiver
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Even with the rapid advent of feminism in our society, men are still somehow expected to handle everything and make the right calls when a situation demands. We, are not ready to give them their space for making mistakes, or rather, being human.


  • Proposing first
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There do exist shy men, who’re scared of taking the first step, and speaking for all of them, we’d say that it is totally cool and much appreciated for girls to pop the question first!


  • Keeping the toilet seat up
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A quirky one here, but it’s hugely prevalent all the same. The bone of contention between the worlds of men and women- the infamous toilet seat.

Alas! For men, they lose this battle. But fret not, we understand your misery.


  • Choose between their bestfriend and girlfriend
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Something we can all relate to. Men are eternally stuck between the aforementioned two, and this culture is here to stay. Constant squabbles for the division of one’s attention are a daily occurrence. Seems like pre-school, but it is a sad reality for many!


  • Going window shopping
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Men adopt the method of ‘target shopping’, wherein they visit the store which sells a certain product, buy the product and leave. They don’t mind going alone. Women on the other hand, prefer ‘group window shopping’, which means that they go to a place where they do not intend to buy a thing, and also drag along 5 willing or unwilling people, including a husband or boyfriend, with them.


  • Not being able to open up
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This is one problem that all of us know of, and do nothing about. Men really wish to open up and be vulnerable, but our society’s perception and norm of men being valiant and undefeatable puts a wet blanket on any such aspirations.


  • Answering questions that really aren’t questions 
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Do I look fat? Will you love me as much when I grow old? Doesn’t my best friend look stunning? Do you like kids? Did you still think about your ex? Every time a guy is faced with these seemingly innocent questions, there are a thousand alarms that go off in their heads. Because, the truth is, these are not just any questions, but carefully devised tests of their loyalty, eligibility, and integrity. Every guy knows, there is NO correct answer to any of these dangerous questions.  


  • Choosing between the World Cup finals and a Karan Johar movie
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We know how this one is likely to go. Plenty of Rona Dhona, emotional atyachar, a flurry of WhatsApp messages and angry phone calls and eventually taking one of the cruelest, toughest decisions of your life. There is no escaping this, is there?

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