5 Tips to Get Ready for Gangaur Festival with Traditional Rajasthani Jewellery

The countdown has begun for the Gangaur festival. If you are not prepared already, we give you some easy shopping ideas so that you look your best on the days of the festival. From Indian traditional Rajasthani jewellery that you can wear to dresses and even Mehndi designs, here is your essential Gangaur guide.

Gangaur, which celebrates the Goddess Gauri,  is one of the most important festivals of Rajasthan. For almost two weeks, women step out in all their traditional finery to worship Gauri and the harvest season. Unmarried girls carry ghudlias on their heads and are showered with gifts as a gesture of good wishes. It ends with the girls smashing the ghudlias or earthen pots and celebrate all the goodies they have collected over these ten days. It is a fun festival with a deep social connect and here are a few easy tips to make sure you are ready.

1. Gangaur Mehndi – Stars and Flowers

Gangaur is associated with Mehndi and most popular designs featuring the sun, moon, stars and the more intricate ones are about flowers and geometric shapes. You can add a twist to the traditional Gangaur mehndi designs by adding your own modern touch to it. Make sure you wear pretty bangles in festive colours to bring out the beauty of your mehndi.

2. Gangaur Jewellery – Pride of Rajasthan

Since this is a traditional social festival, Gangaur is all about wearing authentic Rajasthani jewellery. Choose a theme and coordinate with your traditional attire to start off the rituals. Some of the traditional Rajasthani jewellery you can wear are the maang tika. You can wear a maang tika with a borla, preferred by Rajput women for a royal Rajasthani look. Or a tear drop pattern kundan maang tika for a Royal Rajasthani look. The single chain borla maang tika,or lak tika, is particularly favoured by women who prefer a non fussy look. A choker, with pearls and meenakari, will give you a festive and regal look. Team your choker with a long Rani Haar, and your Gangaur jewellery set is complete.

3. Gangaur Fashion – Bandhej and lehariya glory

There is a world of ideas to be explored in Gangaur fashion. Since this is all about tradition and mythology, stick to authentic Rajasthani prints and styles to make the most of this festival. Lehengas in lehariya print, in colours such as rani pink, green, yellow and blue will add charm to your look. Bandhej dupattas with embroidery and mirror work are also a must for festive dressing, Royal Rajasthani Style. Team your Gangaur attire with traditional meenakari and kundan jewellery or have fun with oxidised jewellery with bandhej motifs.

4. Gangaur Makeup – Day Time Revelry

Since Gangaur is a day time festival, your makeup should be something you can wear all day, without breaking into a sweat. Use a basic foundation if at all, highlight your eyes and wear a shade of lip colour that goes with your outfit. You can have a bit of fun by going for a dramatic eyeliner though – because colourful flicks are all the rage this season. So think pink and green cat eye flicks, a soft geometric shape or a touch of classic line and you are ready to go!

5. Gangaur Colours – Red is all the rage

How many different kinds of red are there? You will be surprised with the answer. The predominant colour for Gangaur is red, is all its glory. Soft reds, bold reds, primary reds, and reds with a hint of orange, pink, yellow and more. Team your Royal Rajasthani red lehnga with a red dupatta or colour block with pink, yellow or even green. Highlight your red and gold attire with meenakari jewellery or kundan set with highlights of red and green. Pearl long layered necklaces with rubies are also a perfect way to complement your blazing red ensemble.

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