7 Reasons We Absolutely Love Diwali!

That time of the year when there is so much positivity in the air (not to forget firecrackers’ smoke), love and lovely family gatherings! Don’t we all just love Diwali? The victory of good over evil, the hope of getting more money and new clothes- perfect reasons to celebrate this day. No matter where we come from, there are few things we all go through during Diwali. We’ve summed up for you, take a look:


This actually is a big task than our mothers think!

When your mother pesters you to clean your room during Diwali! She’ll use all her tools, especially the “no one helps me” which works the best!

But this is what happens when you finally start cleaning your room! Well, blame the memories attached to every single item.


When you go to the streets to shop during Diwali to find the best of things and expect the ease. Every one looking for best dress & stunning jewellery for Diwali.

But, alas! The streets are crowded and no space to stand.

Browse online jewellery for Diwali


Such a sweet moment when the entire family sings their own version. No?


It’s like an art exam but provided with an online cheat-sheet. Also, how amazing is it to show it off on social media?


Dress up. Click. Upload! #Perfect

When your mom sees you all dolled up!


When you go to your relatives’ house to distribute sweets, it’s an amazing feeling to receive a warm welcome. But what’s with them saying “Tum to bade ho Gaye ho!”? Yes, we grow up each year!

7. And That Unbeatable Family Time! Like free icon

What’s a festival without your family?

Wish you a happy and fun-filled Diwali!

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