Aafreen- Ode to the Timeless Charminar

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                                            Soul of the city of erstwhile Nawabs..

                                            Heart of the beautiful Nizam Culture..

The ornate four-towered Charminar is the glory of Hyderabad. This iconic monument is arguably the most popular tourist destination; and one that has a rich cultural and heritage value.

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Voylla’s Aafreen Collection is an ode to this legendary masterpiece.

Breathe, Live and Experience the charming richness of this towering architectural wonder with each artistic piece from Aafreen. Signature style of Islamic architecture is visible in the elements of this handcrafted collection. Each piece is a Mughal delight, featuring intricate gold motifs, black enamel karigaari and lustrous pearls.

Embrace the royal Nizam heritage, with these Charminar inspired jewels by Voylla

  • Regal Aafreen Earrings

 The inspiration behind these beautiful earrings is the exquisitely carved ceiling of Charminar. The gold and enamel work of these pairs gorgeously brings out the beauty of the fine architecture.


                                                                       (Source- thehistoryhub)












  • Majestic Aafreen Choker and Necklace Sets

 The muse for these inventive pieces are the intricately arched arches and windows. When lit at night, these look splendid. The beauty of same is bought to you in the form of these choker and necklace sets.

                                                            (Source- Indiamonumentattraction)












  • Old World Charm Minaret Earrings

 Named after the four towering minarets, Charminar stands tall in glory. These quintessential minarets are the inspiration behind these stunning pieces of Aafreen Collection.


                                                       (Source- Abhiomkar Photography)













Come, Live the Nawabi Way with Aafreen.

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