Contest Alert- Your Favorite Jewellery



We shout out loud to all the jewellery fanatics, pose with your favorite piece of jewellery and click a selfie and share with us!

Voylla presents the #selfiewithvoylla contest, simple rules to follow-

1. Upload your entries on #Voylla Facebook Page
2. Only one entry will be allowed for one contestant.
3. Contest starts from Monday, 22nd September and closes by 23rd September, Midnight
4. Winner will be announced on 24th September




** Use hashtag #windowshopping #selfiewithvoylla
**Winner gets a gift voucher from Voylla worth rupees 1000/-

**Winner to be announced on 24th of September

** Click a clear picture of yourself and the jewellery

***We MAY NOT accept your entry for the contest if your Facebook profile doesn’t have the required information.


Best Wishes!


Team Voylla

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