DIY Fashion Jewelry Organizer

You may be the woman who doesn’t buy too much jewelry, still it’s one of those things that seem to pile up—all those bangles, baubles and bits add up over time, and next thing you know they can’t all fit in one tiny jewelry box (besides, even if they do, they all for some reason get tangled up in your necklaces anyway). Ultimately, leaving you flustered when you feel like finding a precious out of the pile.

Organizing fashion jewelry is not just a fashion hack but survival 101!

Here are some easy storage solutions for all your jewelry- which are not only clever but also creative.

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  1. Sort Your Collection

First, make an inventory of all that you have—categorize like with like—to determine how much storage you’ll need.

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  1. Assemble Containers

For DIY Fashion Jewelry Organizer collects items from home that can be re-purposed as in-drawer dividers, such as egg crates, teacups, or box tops. Find empty glass bottles, cardboard, thumbtacks etc.

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  1. Divide by Style

Place similar jewels together within each container- Bracelets in a bowl, earrings over the edge of a cup, studs, and rings in the smallest compartments. Avoid overcrowding to allow visibility at a glance.

Use Ceramic or Cardboard Egg Trays for earrings and studs; Glass Bottles for bracelets, watches and hair bands, Old Chocolate and Muffin Trays for rings and nose pins etc.

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4. Grab and Go

Designate a small dish such as an egg tray, to hold the accessories you reach for every day. Leaving them out means you won’t have to search for them—and you’ll always remember to wear them.

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  1. Hang Loose

To prevent daintier, fine-chain necklaces from getting tangled or misplaced, drape each one over a separate peg. Use cloth hangers, wall pegs or thumbtacks on boards for this purpose.

These can easily be concealed within cabinets and wardrobes to avoid dust accumulation on them.


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6. Double-Duty Solution

How about room décor pieces as your jewelry organizer? This is the best way of accommodating and maintaining your ever-increasing fashion closet while also complementing your room. Hang your long and chunky jewelry pieces on figurines or trees like these.

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7. Frame It Out- DIY

Fabric memo boards are ideal for earrings and rings. Slide the earring back all the way onto the post and push into the memo board (like a thumbtack). To hang lightweight necklaces, drape them over pretty pushpins. These are also good to hand rings. One more easy DIY trick is to wrap a lace fabric on a frame, which can then be used to hang lightweight accessories.


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