Five Jewelry Collections Inspired by handicrafts

Handcrafted Jewelry Inspired from India and Across


Do you love your sister’s Patola Saree with its vibrant colors and rich motifs? Are gossamer Chikankari kurtas a staple in your summer wardrobe? A finely etched Kantha stole has caught your fancy lately? The list goes on… If you love traditional weaving and printing techniques, appreciate the beauty of fine needlecraft, you will love the fabulous collection of jewelry we have to offer. We handpicked five of our most popular and exclusive collections inspired by handicrafts to help you stand out in the fashion crowd.

  • Patola


The colors and motifs of Patola tell their unique stories. And each piece of our Patola collection, designed by revivalist Bela Sanghvi, makes its unique style statement.  

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  •  Phulkari

From the land of mustard fields and the beats of the Bhangra, of the eternal romance of Raj and Simran comes Phulkari, inspired by the traditional embroidery of Punjab. In joyous colors and traditional motifs.     


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  • Kantha

 Kantha is a fine art of needlework from rural Bengal, capturing folk stories and legends. Kantha sarees and dupattas are a must-have for every fashionista. You can add jewelry to your own list too.

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  • Chikankari

There is no woman who does not have at least one piece of chikankari in her wardrobe. The legendary craft from Lucknow has its fans all over the world, including the like son Hollywood star Judy Dench. Why not try a piece of Chikankari jewelry as well?

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  • Ajrakh

So very Indian, so very versatile! That is Ajrakh for you! The art of block printing with organic dyes has been recreated for the modern day fashionista. The result is a stunning and popular range of fashion jewelry. How many do you have?

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