How To Choose The Perfect Earrings For Your Face Type

Have you ever impulsively shopped for a pretty-looking pair of earrings, but didn’t wear it a second time? Or even once? Well, we won’t judge you because we’re guilty as charged too! We all have done that because we make that one grave mistake of not choosing the right earrings according to our face type. Believe it or not, the shape of your face has a huge role to play when it comes to carrying off earrings with panache!

So here’s your guide to pick the most flattering earrings, so you don’t repeat that mistake. Whether your face is round, oval, square, narrow or heart-shaped – you’re bound to find the right earrings here.

Round Face

Women with a round face look great in long earrings with thin or medium width. Such earrings make their face look slimmer and angular. Stay away from large chunky earrings, button studs or hoops, as they only focus more on the roundness of your face.

Oval Face

Women with an oval face can carry almost any style of earrings. However, hoops and ovals complement the natural contours of your face. So, be bold and experiment with different colors, shapes, and styles for your earrings.

Heart-Shaped Face

To complement a heart-shaped face, go for earrings with soft curves or the teardrop earrings. They add balance to the natural triangular shape of your face. Don’t choose earrings with inverted triangular shape because it will completely throw the look off balance.

Square Face

Medium to long tassel earrings with angular edges and exaggerated shapes look great on women with a square face. The edgy shapes help give your face a softer look and blend in well with the natural angles of your face.

Narrow Or Oblong Face

A narrow face needs to add volume to bring out that X-factor! For you, button studs and short round earrings work wonders.

Any Shape

Traditional jhumkis can accentuate the beauty of any facial shape as long as they’re not overdone, and complement the outfit well.So now you know the exact style of earrings you must pick to complement your face cut, right?

Happy shopping!

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