How To Take Care Of Skin This Holi? Read Celeb Tips!

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Let’s hear what the tinsel town celebrities have to say this Holi! Read beauty and hair tips by the experts themselves!


Deepika Padukone


Favorite childhood memories of Holi:

My earliest memory of Holi is getting together with my friends, throwing water balloons filled with color at each other! We would wake up as early as possible and get dressed for the day. My friends and I would get together, size up each other’s color inventory.


How will you celebrate Holi this year?

This year I will be shooting for The Return Of Xander Cage. It’s a fun team! We are family and we will definitely try and celebrate together!


What does Holi mean to you? 

Holi is obviously colour… but for me it is also a festival where you can just be yourself! 

How do you manage to protect your hair during Holi? Do you have any tips to share with us?

Holi is a festival that allows us to really express ourselves. Sometimes we need to let go and do something crazy! So I would apply coconut oil generously before stepping out so that I can enjoy myself and not worry about damaging my skin or hair.



Vidya Balan


Holi plans this year – I’m shooting for K2 at the moment, so unfortunately I’m not going to be celebrating Holi, unless we end up doing something on set.


Holi childhood memories – I have lovely childhood memories of Holi. I remember my father used to fill balloons with water and we would tie them up. This used to start a few days before Holi – the excitement and fun. As we grew up it became less about the balloons but more about the water, colour, dancing and having a merry time.


Favourite Holi Song- Of course Rang barse bheege chunar wali !


Beauty regime: Over the years what I’ve done before stepping out to play Holi is to oil my hair with Coconut based hair oil. Even if you don’t want your hair to look greasy, just slightly oil it and go out so that colors and dust don’t end up damaging your hair. Maybe after you have played also you can oil your hair so that the color will come off easily.





Kirti Sanon


Beauty regime for Holi: I make sure to oil my hair with coconut oil. It protects my hair from the damage that harsh Holi colors can do!

I prefer tying my hair while playing Holi to avoid tangles & any kind of hair damage. You can wear a side braid or a side ponytail to style it.

I also apply coconut oil on my skin before playing Holi. It ensures that the colour doesn’t stick to my skin.

And yes a good sleep after playing Holi is all I need to detox myself.


What Kriti loves about Holi – I love the festival and will definitely play Holi khulke with lots of Gulaal and love. I think given the water situation in the country people should adopt playing Holi khulke with Gulaal than with water. I am definitely going to do my bit this Holi!



Shraddha Kapoor


Holi plans this year – This year I will have one off day from my OK JAANU schedule so I will try and spend some time with family. One stand out Holi memory was Mr Bachchan’s Holi party that my parents took me to. It was very memorable.


Favourite Holi Song – Balam Pichkari


Hope you guys will take proper care of your hair &skin and will try saving water!

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