Men’s Styling Tips You Wish You’d Known Before!

Some of you may have been wearing accessories for the longest time. Ear studs for social rituals, chains and the wedding ring, or even astrological gem studded rings and pendants, and rudraksh beads. Men’s precious jewellery is more often gifted, or bought on special occasions as a family affair.

But most men do think twice before wearing fashion jewellery as a style statement, and many times before shopping for imitation/artificial jewellery

Browsing online or walking into a store, men are often hesitant when it comes to jewellery shopping. And unless a wife, a friend or a sister helps out a bit with the styling, they are prone to making some fashion faux pas.

If you are one of the men who break out into a cold sweat at the thought of shopping for mens jewellery or wearing them socially, here’s an easy guide to wearing and shopping for fashion jewellery online, so that you can avoid the most common styling mistakes that men make.

Layer It:

The secret to looking totally with it, and on trend is to layer whatever you are wearing. If beaded bracelets are your thing, wear a couple of them, and add points of interest- like a charm or a detailing. For leather bracelets, wear multi-stranded ones with solid or woven bands to create thematic layered look. If you are wearing a chain to create a more rugged, sporty, outdoorsy look, layer it with pendants in different shapes or sizes. Layered and multi strand long chains for a more boho look works if you wanna go that way.

Go Minimal:

Unless you are Bappi Lahiri or a rapper on the rise, you may want to keep your accessory game to the minimal. The trick about doing it right with men’s jewellery is to say a lot more by doing a lot less. In other words, if you are wearing a biker style chain and pendant, don’t overdo it by carrying on the same theme with your belt, your shoes, your bracelets and rings. Or if you are wearing a linked gold chain with a vintage locket on a special day, make sure whatever else you wear does not take the attention away from it. Choose one accessory that you feel complements your OOTD and go with it.

Know Your Occasion:

The classic mistake that most men make while choosing their accessories, is dressing inappropriately for the occasion. If you are going for a friend’s birthday party, keep it casual. Go easy with the gold look and stick to a more neutral and young silver and leather and black finish. Formal dinners and lunches call for crisp shirts highlighted with funky cufflinks or jackets with statement lapel pins. Family affairs – a lunch, a festival or a get together – mean a more relaxed kurta -pyjama look. Either stick to a simple kada, cufflink or a bracelet, or a slender long chain.

It’s All In The Details:

Unlike women who are impulsive shoppers, men may shop less, but they do tend to think a lot more about what to buy and how to wear it. Extend the thought to your accessories. Look out for the fine details. Does that chain have an extra something that will hold your attention? What makes a rose-gold kada standout form a bunch of similar kadas? A spot of enamelling, etching, engraving, a motif that is eye catching? If you are dressing to impress a special someone, know this, when you dress with care before meeting someone, it makes for one heck of a solid impression!


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