Photoblog-Insights Into Kush Sinha’s Wedding

The star studded wedding of Kush Sinha, Sonakshi Sinha’s elder brother took place on Jan 18th. Personalities from different genre were spotted at the event, from Narendra Modi to the Bacchan Family, get a peep in to the the starry wedding of Kush Sinha.

Sinha Family
The Extended Family


Candid Family Moments



Father Daughter Duo
Poonam & Shatrughan Sinha











The Star Studded Wedding 

_DSC0192  _DSC0255  _DSC0326

_DSC0344 _DSC0426 _DSC0454

_DSC0557 _DSC0590    MKD_2255

MKD_2345    MKD_2485 MKD_2586

MKD_2620 MKD_2653 MKD_2686

MKD_2723 MKD_2735 MKD_2743

MKD_2771 MKD_2812 MKD_2826

MKD_2843 MKD_2873 MKD_2928


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