Voylla for Bollywood : The jewel with a story

Remember how your emotions change while watching a romantic scene ? Or the clumps of agony in you when the hero cries ?

Voylla understands how this artistic media captivates you in many ways.

Ever wanted to take a bit of the movie you've just watched home with you ? No, we aren't talking about sneaking 3-D glasses out. Voylla , in collaboration with Cinepolis , has brought to you a little way in which you could carry a bit of the Bollywood magic home and around.

Look out for the our kiosk inside Cinepolis on your next visit and Voylla ! you might just find yourself trying out bollywood inspired jewellery.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan has been breaking records , Voylla congratulates the team and presents to you a little inspiration of the same.








Voylla for Bollywood !


Visit our website for more surprises ,and who knows you might find a look-alike jewel of your favorite celeb !!

Take a break , enjoy a movie with us Voylla – always beautiful !

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