10 Stereotypical Clichés Women Hear Every Day

Gender-based assumptions are not new to humans, especially to women. If you are a woman, we’re sure you’ve come across these stereotypical clichés at least once.   “Tu cricket dekhti hai?” Ummm, yeah! We watch soccer and tennis too; and not because of the cute sportsmen. And FYI, most of us are into video games as well.   “Women can’t drive” If there’s one thing that can drive a woman crazy, and not in a good way, it’s this. Look around, there are enough women astronauts, women pilots and Uber drivers to thrash you till you look like mutton.   “Aur, shaadi kab kar rahi ho?” No, marriage is not one of my top priorities and neither should it have been that of your mother.   “Tu toh Breezer hi piyegi” Light and heavy drinkers exist, in all the genders. Let’s get in a chug-contest and see what you’re made of.   “Let me guess, your favorite movie is Notebook, right!” First of all, it’s The Notebook and second of all, not every girl digs rom-coms. Capisce?   “Any hobbies other than shopping?” No, not all women come with pre-configured genes for shopping. But given an option between that and listening to your crap, we’d choose the former any day. “Girls can’t live without selfies” It’s just like saying, “Boys can’t live without stinky socks.” Stupid, right? “Your favorite color’s pink, right!” It’s black, actually. And before you go ahead and tag me as a wannabe goth-chick, it’s only because I hope that would make me invisible to idiots like you.   “You must know how to cook, no?” Then you must know how to tame a lion, no?   “Why are you not eating? On a diet or something?” Or maybe we’re just not hungry or, better still, we don’t want to share food with you! Annoying much?
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