11 Jewelry Words That You Need To Add To Your Vocabulary

Do you know the difference between carrot and carat?Kidding! But did you know that diamond is cut in different way and has a unique name for each cut? Have you ever been in a situation when in a jewelry store you didn’t know what to say because of the lack of right word? Well, not anymore! Here are 11 English jewelry words that will not only enrich your vocabulary but also make you stand out amongst the crowd!


Did you say “that-thing-that-holds-the-stone” while referring to prong?


The next time you ask for 5 carat.. Be Specific!


The most important part of the ring! After all it holds your sparkling rock!

Solitaire Rings

We bet you knew this already!


No, we can never “bail” out on you when it comes to updating you folks!


Pretty ring. Pretty name!


Light pink or purple? Umm.. Well! Now you know why the difference in color! You can find in gemstones like amethyst or topaz!


And you just knew about the crown that the king wears?


Did you confuse it with culottes? (Sorry, Bad question!)


@Girls- Take note of this!


And you thought it was just a dance form? Hope you enjoyed reading it! Please leave your comments and help us enrich our vocabulary, too!   
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