11 Pocket Friendly Desi Ideas To Make Your Father Feel Special!

Hey Readers, It is Father's day and an great opportunity for you to show him how much he means the world to you. For the man who never liked making grand gestures of affection, splurge on himself and who taught you the value of everything, especially money, we give you a bunch of budget friendly ideas to make your father feel special on this Father's Day. Trust us, it will not only make him smile but also impress him with how much you have learnt from him!

1. Join Him For His Morning Walk:

He has never been able to get you out of bed at the crack of dawn. But how about surprising him just this once? Put on your walking shoes, or bring out the yoga mat, take a deep breath and join him. The fresh air, the conversation and the brisk walking or yoga will help you bond perfectly.

2. Make Him Breakfast and Chai:

Upma, poha, or idli vada? Bread omlette or simply sprouts and juice? Surprise your dad by rustling up his favourite breakfast and catch up on all the fun things you missed out on.

3. Take Him To A Live Concert/A Play Or Even A Sports Event:

Check city listings for any live performance that he may like. A stage production, a concert by his favorite singer, a match - get him the best seats in the auditorium or in the VIP box, bring on the snacks and the chai coffee and watch him light up in joy.

4. Connect Him To His Childhood Buddies:

Find out who his best mates are. connect with him on Skype. Get them to chat each other up, share a few jokes and watch the years melt away.

5. Make Him A Giant Collage Of Photographs With Family And Friends:

There is nothing like reliving special, happy  moments through photographs. When you make a collage with all his happiest memories, you help feel younger, more cheerful.

6. Get Him A Fitness Band:

You are always worrying about his health and one way to show him that you care, without getting him all anxious about his health, is to get him a simple fitness band.

7. Get Him A Good Old Champi Or A Foot Massage:

Ah, the pleasures of a firm head massage! Book him a professional masseuse service- at home or at a swank place where he can literally out his feet up and enjoy the rare indulgence.

8. Take Him Out For A Special Treat:

You have grown up listening to all the stories about how your dad loved that special chaat wala outside his school or college. Celebrate Father's Day by taking him back to those delicious days, that gully and that chaat wala- maybe his son now?

9.  Get Him A Book By His Favorite Author:

He may have mentioned how a certain book by his favorite author has been difficult to find. Tap into book clubs and literary groups to locate that special copy and get it for him.

10. Just Hang Around Together:

Give him what is most precious to both of you - your time together. Spend a day without any agenda. Chat up a storm, eat junk, watch a Govinda film, go gardening, swimming walking, whatever. Don't plan, don't schedule but just go with the flow.

11. Some Accessories That He Can Use:

Gift him men's accessories that he would & could wear in his everyday timeline. These men's jewellery can include Men's KadasMen's Ring, Men's Pendants, Lapel Pins, Men's Chains & Brooches to name a few. Here are some products that are not only most loved by fathers everywhere but are economical & reliable as well: Puneet

Make Every Day, Father's Day!

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