4 Fab Hollywood films for Valentine’s Day

We bring you 4 fab Hollywood films to watch this Valentine's Day! (psst… they have great gifting ideas as well)

1.Sex and the City (2008 adaptation)

Ah so you think it is a girly movie – an all woman gang (Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis) and their complicated love (and sex) lives, lust for labels and wardrobes that make women swoon.

But the classic series-turned-movie also makes for wonderfully romantic viewing, with a mature couple going through all the pangs and jitters that come before getting over their commitment phobia.

Most importantly, they confront the question – what does it take really to keep the flames of a relationship alive? Watch it and get your Valentine to wear the glamorous oh-so-NYC look.

Sex and the City


2.Midnight in Paris

If your Valentine date is a bit of the cerebral kind, with a flair for world cinema, go for Midnight in Paris. Considered one of Woody Allen’s best films, it brings together loving, longing, nostalgia, time travel, magic realism and surrealism and all things a bit mad Allen-style against the backdrop of the most romantic city in the world.

Famous men and women (Owen Wilson, Marion Cotillard, Rachel McAdam's in the lead roles) from the 1920, 1890's and 2011 fall in and out of love while dressing up in the chicest threads and accents from the different Golden Eras.

And if you want to play the part as well, shop for minimalist French style baubles right here.This one will definitely suits for you then.

3.Notting Hill

Two of the most good looking actors- Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts – come together and go apart many times in this Valentine-day movie favorite. A small-time bookshop owner and a Star meet by coincidence and find themselves unable to come to terms with the consequences of their love affair.

A quiet West London district with its primroses and pretty homes, become a hot spot for gossip-mongers as career ambitions and fear of scandal comes between a famous movie star who is confused about her feelings for a lovable nobody.

What does it take to say I Love you and throw caution to the wind? Discover together and drop her hints all over the place with a little help from Julia Roberts, the Queen of Understated Glamour.

notting hill

4.Roman Holiday

Does your fate appreciate all things vintage? You cannot possibly go wrong with Roman Holiday, starring Hollywood’s legendary stars Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

A bored Princess runs away from her overbearing guardians and loses her heart to an American journalist and what you get is one of the most romantic Hollywood films set in one of the prettiest European cities.

The film has inspired countless clones, style guides and real-life stories – there is always a Princess in every girl who is waiting for her tall-dark stranger. Hepburn, the undisputed tsarina of effortless style should inspire you to shop for elegant, pretty, conversation pieces that are bound to sweep every girl-woman off her feet.

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Stay tuned for more Valentine ideas! #Happy Shopping! 
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