5 Actresses Who Revolutionised The Indian Television Industry

In this patriarchal society, Indian Television is one of the few platforms where we see the women ruling over men! Let's take a look at the 5 actresses who revolutionised the Indian Television industry!

1.Smriti Z Irani(Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi)-AKA Tulsi

Probably the longest running show ever from 2000-2008! All of us were glued to our television sets waiting to find out who's gonna die next and come out alive 20 episodes later. *wink* What stood out in the serial was the powerful performance of the current Textiles minister Smriti Z Irani. She carried the responsibilities of a daughter-in-law with dignity and became an epitome of a regular Indian housewife. Her character was forgiving as well as strong hearted to punish the wrong. This show connected well with audiences, perfectly showing the generation gap witnessed by the evergreen BAA. :D

12.Sakshi Tanwar(Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki) AKA Parvati

Like the name of this show, this serial spoke about every Indian joint family. Grandparents, sweet uncles and aunts, the "devar" and "bhabhi" relationship and so on. "Parvati" was the perfect bahu who did no wrong and always stood for the right. She understood the new generation's problem and solved them with the best of her abilities. Parvati's role was soft, intellectual and strong and gripped the audience for long. Of course, we can't forget about the diya that indicated the happiness and sorrow coming on the way! :P

43.Deepika Singh(Diya Aur Bati Hum) AKA Sandhya

A show that changed the mindset of the society. It's 2016 and every girl's dream is not to study till you exhaust and then get married to become a housewife. Sandhya gets married in an orthodox family but she gathers the strength and courage to fight the unfair and becomes an IPS officer. Her character balances the professional and personal life pretty well like every modern Indian woman today.

64.Avika Gor and Surekha Sikri

This serial was an eye-opener for us living in la-la land, introducing the unaware part of society to the existing brutal truth of India- Child marriage. The chemistry between the protagonist of the serial Anandi who was intelligent and smart with the antagonist Dadi Sa was wit with humor and pain. The performances by these characters were impactful and brought an important message to the misogynistic society.

95.Mouni Roy(Naagin)

The comeback of the 80's hit Naagin became a rage on the television in the first week itself. It became the highest TRP grossing serial beating the numbers of Bigg Boss! The leading lady is now every household’s name and famous for her role of ICHAADARI Naagin- Shivanya. The avenging plot was intriguing and brought back memories of previous hits from the past. This dramatic serial had almost the same storyline from the 80's movies of avenging your parents' death and falling in love with the enemy. Howsoever, its USP is to be premiered in seasons. With the first season ending with an increased fan following, let's hope for the second season to garner the same attention.

5Like it or hate it, but we can certainly not ignore the power of Indian television and its leading ladies.  
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