5 AWW-some ways to propose to your partner!

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Have you found someone who you want to grow old with? It’s that time of the year when you can go down on your knee and pop the most important question of your life! Gain some inspiration from Bollywood! You can be as romantic as Jai (Imran Khan) in Jaane Tu Ya Jane Na when he proposed to Aditi (Genelia) by going to the airport on a horse or as touching as Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) when he proposed to Kajol when he couldn’t see her marry Salman  in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Whatever you choose, make sure you woo her (or him!) in a way that you get an inevitable YES! To make the proposal memorable, all you need is Love! <3

Andddd.. some courage (did I say some?!) + ideas! angel

We bring you 5 AWW-some ways to propose to your partner! heart

Are you ‘game’ for it?

Start a treasure hunt that leads to your proposal in the end. You can start with a hint that will lead to another favorite place in town. The hints can be like, ‘Our first date’, ‘Where we fought and embarrassed ourselves! :P’ and so on. You can also put a picture of you two with these hint cards. At the last destination, propose her/him  with a ring!

jane tu

101 Reasons why you should marry me! heart

You can make a huge card by listing down 101 reasons why your partner should marry you. You can include the reasons by her parents, cousins and friends as well. This way you’ll not be tagged as the ‘sanskari’ guy but also have her sure-shot Yes!


Little things you do for me..

Learn to do something that partner is least expecting. For instance, if you don’t know how to cook, become a chef for a day and cook your partner’s favorite dish.  When you guys are done with your meal, serve your partner his favorite candies and hide the ring in the basket full of candies. Nobody can say a No to awesome food (or just food if it didn’t turn out to be as delicious!) or your efforts!ways-to-propose-marriage-using-food


 Get inside a huge pink box with a ribbon and deliver yourself to your partner’s doorstep. Attach it with a card saying, “This ‘present’ wants to be your future”. *Cheesiness overloaded!*



Tell your partner that they have won a romantic couple’s photo-shoot. Ask him/her to dress up and hire a photographer to capture your proposal. Propose her with a ring in the middle of the shoot. Serenade with her/his favorite song in the end. propose photoshoot

Good Luck, folks! Enlighten us with more ideas and experiences in the ‘comments’ section below! :D Cheers!



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