5 Benefits of Yoga That You Didn’t Know About (No. 3 will blow your mind!)

Ever wanted to touch your toes with your fingers without bending your knees? Suffering from insomnia? Too stressed out lately? Want to lose weight? Well, yoga can help you with all this and much more! If you thought yoga is for those oldies who are interested in slow and unexciting movements, you are quite wrong. Let’s take a look at the 5 benefits of yoga!
  1. Total Workout
Why overexert yourself at the gym when we have yoga! Most of the people think that huffing and puffing at the gym is the only way to stay fit. But yoga not only provides all that a gym workout can provide but also gives you mental and spiritual peace, The workout includes cardio and strength training and you can do it at our own pace. So stretch those muscles out and make your arms, buttocks and legs strong! 2000-×-1500-yoga-07
  1. Perfect Your Posture
Do you know how people perceive us subconsciously? Through our body language!  A good posture is one of the pre-requisites of having a perfect body language. Poor posture can cause back, neck and other muscle problems. As you slouch, the inward curves in your neck and lower back start to get flattened. Yoga is a great way to perfect your postures!2000-×-1500-yoga-04  
  1. Lose weight, not mind!
There is a survey that states practicing yoga can help encourage mindful eating. If one is aware of his/her intake of food items and make mindful choices about what’s good for their body, it helps in reducing the weight and yoga helps you achieve this. Also, there is a tendency of people eating more when they are stressed out but yoga strengthens the mind and body connection. It helps burn fat and tones the body, thereby leading to weight loss. 2000-×-1500-yoga-06
  1. Fight The Diseases!
Body and mind are the two sides of the same coin and Yoga connects these two to enhance the human well-being by leaps and bounds. Diseases like Migraine are cured by doing Sirasana (headstand) which enhances the flow of oxygen to the brain. Similarly, the practice of deep breathing in yoga helps push the lungs to take in more oxygen and thus regulates the breathing rate. Life-threatening diseases like Cancer and Aids are also cured to a level through yoga.2000-×-1500-yoga-3  
  1. Keep Calm and Do Yoga!
Yoga helps you to master your breathing properly. It makes us increase the concentration span and makes us listen to our body more. The whole practice makes us calm and poised. 2000-×-1500-yoga-02 So, no more panting after a workout, only tranquility and a calm mind! Apart from all this, Yoga helps in improving flexibility, boosts your immunity, beats menstrual pain and helps you sleep better. Yoga aims to improve your breathing, your posture, your thoughts, and your diet in order to achieve a healthier life. How can Bollywood brigade be left behind when it comes to a perfect fitness regime! Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty and Rani Mukherjee practice Yoga daily to look enviably young. Our diva Kangana Ranaut confessed Power Yoga as the secret of her beauty. 2000-×-1500-yoga-05  
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