5 Durga Puja Looks Guaranteed To Turn Heads!

Pandal Hopping.. Gorging on scrumptious Bengali delicacies..  (sondesh and puchka! <3).. Dancing to the beats of Dhak and Dhanuchi.. ‘Boneri Bari’ Puja.. Sindoor Khela. And finally bidding farewell to Durga Maa!  (Not to forget people playing cricket on the empty roads and the endless gossip sessions and the socializing!)

They call it The City of Joy for a reason! <3

If you could describe your experience of Uttarayan in Ahmedabad or Ganesh Chaturthi in Bombay, multiply it by hundred and this is how you’ll feel in Kolkata during Durga Pujo! A thing of beauty, a joy forever!

Dear lovers of art, food, architecture or beauty in general! Your quest for the finer things in life will be incomplete if you don’t witness the extravaganza during Durga Puja in Kolkata at least once! (Not exaggerating!)

We absolutely love the staple white sari with red border but how about trying something different this year? Last three days during Durga Puja are the most crucial and hence, we have curated looks for you to look your ethereal best! Take a look..

  1. Indigo Revolutionlook-of-the-day-15

This color hit off everywhere, from home-décor to jeans to dinnerware to clothes to shoes to bags. Literally everywhere! This Durga Puja, adorn a sari that emphasizes more on silhouettes and team it with a three-fourth cotton blouse. By now, every fashionista must have known that indigo and tribal jewelry go the BEST! Ante up your sari look with our tribal jewelry Kutch Collection.

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2. Sheer Elegance!look-of-the-day-12

With those flirty silhouettes and sheer cape, you’re definitely going to steal the show! And with that kohl-rimmed eyes and these statement earrings, be sure to make heads turn!

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3. Pastel Poiselook-of-the-day-14

Its festive season and you will be inclined to choose vibrant and quirky colours. Although to change your look, you can opt for muted tones. Opt for shades like blush pink for that royal touch and team up with an embroidered high collar blouse. Rock the colour with pearl chandbali earrings and bangles. You can go for a chignon bun or any updo to highlight the blouse.

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4. Tie, twist, dye and twirllook-of-the-day-17

Can anyone go wrong with Red and white combination? Especially when it’s Tie and Dye! One of the oldest dyeing techniques is back in trend. The best part is no two sari can ever look the same with this effect! So, no need to worry about your frenemy wearing the same sari! ;) Complete your look with Warrior Princess Collection which is sharp, provocative and stunning. Just like every woman out there!

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5. Classic Stripeslook-of-the-day-16

Vertical, horizontal, assymetrical or any which style, stripes is one pattern that can never go out of fashion! Invest in a striped sari and complete your look with these statement pieces.

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P.S.- Don’t forget to put the quintessential red bindi!

While I reminisce the joyous shouts of 'Asche bochor abar hobe' (It'll again happen next year!)  at Kolkata last year *goosebumps*, you prepare your look for Durga Puja!

Which look took you out for a spin? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Durga Puja! <3

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