5 Jewelry Hacks To Swear By!

Tangled chains, lonely and depressed lost earring from its partner, rings from the local market leaving tints behind marking their territory, fought ends of bracelets which are not ready to mend and clasp, expensive jewelry losing its charm - did these melancholic situations drive you through the memory lane and make you sob? If yes, you definitely need to know few hacks to bring back jewelry happiness into your life.

Consider us your BFF as we're about to make your lives easier with these easy hacks to untangle life's underestimated problems.

  1. Untangle layered neck-pieces/ separates38

Happy news! Soft and smooth like a feather, baby powders do not only smell good but they also untangle your tangled jewelry. All you need to do is, place your jewelry on a clean plate and sprinkle baby powder in the knot. This will make the knot loose and you can then de-tangle them with a needle. Wash your jewelry with mild soap and lay it to dry.

  1. Tarnish-free Rings40

Precious or an item from street shopping, we want our favourites to stay with us as long as possible. We hate it when those pretty pieces start to show off their real colors! If you want to get rid of this, you got to know this hack. A simple coating of clear or water nail-polish will prevent your jewelry from tarnishing.

  1. Easy Organise41

Ever been a wonder woman about your minuscule jewelry pieces? Or stuck with "bonding" of chains? We show you few creative hacks to hold your jewelry which will also be  pretty decorative items.

  1. Hold Onto That Charm

So, precious jewelry is expensive to buy and comes with expensive maintenance. And every time you go to a jeweler, there's a fear of deceit. We bring you a homemade hack to bring back that shine and sparkle.42

For Silver Jewelry, place it on a tin foil shiny side up inside a ceramic bowl and fill with water, a teaspoon of baking powder, a teaspoon of salt and a dash of white vinegar. Place your silver jewelry in the mixture for 5 mins and VOILA (VOYLLA ?), the jewelry shine will return to its place.

*Do not clean Silver jewelry with gem stones in this mixture as it may damage them.

To clean Gold jewelry at home, mix few drops of mild detergent with club soda. Place your jewelry in the solution for 10-20 minutes. If needed, scrub away left overs with soft brush/toothbrush. Pat dry with a lint cloth.

  1. Clasp It Easy39

I am proud to be living alone but when it comes to clasping a bracelet all alone, oh boy! I wish I lived with someone. To secure the clasp on a bracelet all by yourself can be really frustrating ?Just when you think you've won the war, one end of the darn thing slides off your wrist and you have to start all over again. YOU KNOW IT!

Here comes paper clip to the rescue! Thread the paper clip through the loop, hold the bracelet steady with the paper clip until you can fasten the clasp. DONE!

Found it helpful? Tell us more about the easy jewelry hacks in the comments below.

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