5 Promises To Keep When You're In A Relationship

Getting into a relationship is very easy but what is difficult is that comes after. Once the honeymoon phase is over, comes the real phase that needs utmost dedication and sincerity. Modern day relationships suffer the scar of petty issues. From having no time to being an insecure regular phone checker, relationships take an ugly turn.

As the season of love has begun, let's take a pledge to make these promises to our partners for a lifelong happy relationship.

Promise To Listen

promise-day-04The biggest problem in a relationship occurs when there is a gap of communication between partners. Make sure to ask your partner about their day or simply once in a while go on a long drive/walk to talk your hearts out. It works magically!

Promise To Spend More Time

promise-day-05 In a time where work has taken over all other priorities, to fulfill priorities, it becomes difficult to spend some quality time. But amidst the noise of daily routine, take some time out to celebrate the existence of the beautiful relationship your share.

Promise To follow ‘Be Yourself’ Policy

promise-day-02It suffocates to be someone else, especially with our life partners. After all, spending life in a lie is the worst. Don't pretend to be somebody else for temporary happiness rather be yourself and hide nothing.

Promise To Appreciate Efforts

promise-day-01Don't we all love to give and receive surprises? And while this deed is selflessly done, always appreciate the efforts put in by your partner. If you can't emote well, at least, don't be expressionless.

Promise To Respect Each Other

promise-day-06 It's very important to respect the person's thoughts, emotions and values. If you can't relate with it or understand, don't demean either.

Let us know in the comments below if you have other promises to make.

This Promise Day, bring a smile on your partner's face! :)


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