5 Reasons Why Fashion Jewellery is Awesome!

We’ve all heard the much-famed dialogue ‘Roti, Kapda, Makan’ Sure thing, clothes are a staple need. They help us keep warm, protect our bodies and maintain our modesty. However, imagine how dull life would be if we only have clothes to play around with. Our favorite shirts and dresses would get dull and boring in no time! Exactly why we have accessories and fashion jewellery. Nothing can add oomph to a wardrobe like jewellery. "Fashion Accessory is an exclamation point to a woman's outfit." - Michael Kors Scroll below to find reasons that validate your Voylla binge!

Easy on Pocket

Investing in an entire wardrobe seems rather daunting. A new dress for each day is going to empty your wallet quicker than what you’d like. However, curating quirky and stunning fashion jewelry is something even your bank account would love. More so, Fashion jewellery shopping for the right outfit takes time. Finding the right size, the right fit, the right color may even drain you off. On the other hand, accessories are easy to pick. Whatever matches your style, is sure to look great!

Playful and Exciting

Wanna change the mood of your daily dull dress? Throw on a shimmering necklace or big bright ear hoops, and see the whole vibe elevate. It is always fun and exciting to be your own stylist! Pair the right accessories to an outfit, for the right occasion. But be careful to avoid the classic fashion disaster of over-accessorizing, you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree.

New Look Everyday

Worn the same white shirt multiple times? Make it look different each time by pairing it with a different piece of jewelry every time you wear it.
Sanwari Spokes and Wheel Drop Earrings
Add some chunky bangles, rings and oxidized jewellery for a Boho look. Find some colorful tassel and pom pom earrings online, it can add a dash of vibrancy to the same old shirt. For a sleek office look, pair it with gold drop earrings. fashion accessories are magical, they make the same basic outfit look new each time!

Stylish Self Expression

Accessorizing is a brilliant way of expressing oneself. While clothes give us an avenue of exhibiting our style and preferences, adding accessories take it to the next level. They help us living everyday moods and emotions. You’re happy, you’ll throw on something bright and vibrant. When you’re sober, you’ll automatically pick something austere and minimalist.
Fashion Jewelry allows creativity and individualism to shine through an individual and speak to others.

Creates Creative Conversation

Be it the story that a piece of fashion jewelry conveys or the conversation that it starts, its always going to be a memorable one. A finger band or ring conveys you’re in love, while a stunning Kundan necklace set may rightly convey you’re decked up for a celebration. Imagine if you are seated next to a lady with a pair of emerald earrings that you have been looking for, for months, you can't help yourself but lean forward and ask where she got them from. Similarly, if you are wearing something that someone was dying to get it, you will definitely get a "Hi" from that person. This to-and-fro of unadulterated compliments may help you strike a genuine friendship. Clearly, fashion jewelry is as important as any piece of clothing. Go, indulge today!
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