5 times Salman Khan Bared It All! ❤️

We’re in 2016 and in an era where our eyes are pondering on every new actor with flawless, perfectly shaped body. That chiseled jaw line and oh those abs! (Girls have started objectifying too I guess :P). But hey, our Bollywood heroes were not always fitness freaks. This trend was marched by our very own BHAI- SALMAN KHAN when men were hairy and their tummy would bulge (eww!). Yes, the master of controversies is also the master of this trend. He has gone shirtless whenever he could and flaunted his body in every way possible. But there are few movies which made us go “OMG! I want him”! Let’s have a look at few of his jaw-dropping shirtless moments. ❤️

1. Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya! ☺️

Remember how he held a guitar and danced on O O Jaane jana with a microphone? He took the girls by storm and boys by inspiration setting the benchmark of an ideal body.

2. You want a Partner? ☺️

Only Salman Khan can pull off belly piercing with macho! We could not help but ogle at that dew dropping body.

3. Da-Bang Duo!

Dabang Movie that changed his fate had one thing constant- Bare chest! Chulbul Pandey won nation’s heart with quirk, action sequences and he being SHIRTLESS. Remember when his shirt bursts out his body?

4. Ready?

5 Following the trail of action-comedy movies, he made sure to follow his shirtless scenes as well. He made a spunky boyfriend in this film.

5. Sultan!

2 Ever since the movie was in the making, Salman’s body was the most talked about topic. He gained weight and worked out day and night. The result seems to be amazing and can be put that it was worth all the efforts. Well, it will take some perseverance and time to get a body like him. But you can achieve a Salman-like look with his eternal favorite turquoise stone designer men!s bracelet.

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