5 Trends That All Delhi Girls Are Sporting!

From hep parties at Hauz Khas Village to the elite offices at Connaught Place, from the fashion stores of Shahpur Jat to the students at North Campus, we list down the trends sported by the fashion-forward girls in Delhi! Let’s get inspired! ❤️

Bells all the way

[caption id="attachment_7755" align="alignnone" width="2000"]bell sleeve pinterest IMAGE SOURCE: PINTEREST[/caption]

A statement sleeve, fitted on the top and fall like the shape of a bell is back in fashion. Yes, we’re talking about bell-sleeves! Not just comfortable and breezy but also makes you forget about the extra calories on your arms. The trend started in the 16th century by the French cake-eating women who didn’t want to worry about their wiggly arms and later this trend was picked up by the ladies in London.

With this dramatic silhouette, we’re sure you’ll be seen waving at the strangers mindlessly! ;) Don’t forget to team up with the necessary accouterments like necklace and a block heel (BTW which is in trend again!).

Pleats that please

[caption id="attachment_7753" align="alignnone" width="2000"]Pleats pinterest IMAGE SOURCE: PINTEREST (http://richesforrags.tumblr.com/)[/caption]

Pleat is a staple that every girl owns especially in their teens. Once, the school gets over, we so get over with those oh-so-monotonous pleats. But this season, we are going back to the basics and doing a major makeover with everything pleats- skirts, pants, shorts and what not! Stiff pleats or micro pleats? High-school pleats or metallic pleats? Give your wardrobe a quick upgrade!

Tip:  These pleats are not very desk-friendly as they tend to get crumpled while sitting in them for the whole day. Avoid wearing them to work!

Do the Doodle

[caption id="attachment_7756" align="alignnone" width="2000"]doodle print IMAGE SOURCE: www.aliexpress.com[/caption]

There’s a kind of beauty in imperfection. In today’s age when our eyes are glued to the internet or the glossy magazines, anything that is hand-done gets you eyeballs. These imperfect scribble prints add a human element to any merchandise.  A quick question- an email from a friend or a handwritten letter? Most of us would choose the latter and hence, the reason why the doodle prints became a trend in 2015 and is here to stay has been justified. From designer Masaba Gupta’s famous lipstick print to Alia Bhatt’s fans letters printed dress, doodles have come a long way! Adorn a doodle print dress for that cool vibe!

The Power of Pant Suits

[caption id="attachment_7770" align="alignleft" width="2000"]suit pant kangana ranaut IMAGE SOURCE: www.pinkvilla.com[/caption]

Pant suit for a girl? Yes.

Restricted to workplace?  No way!

When you think of a pant suit, you probably envision a man all suited up. It’s 2016 and the fashion forward women are donning these just right! This is the trendiest statement-making wardrobe piece and not just connotes business. Experiment it by teaming up with crop top or one-liner graphic tee for that sex appeal. You can also go for classic shirts with cool colored pant suits. Add a choker to complete your look. From desk to drinks, pant suits exude power and freedom and is an investment to make!

Get to business with Briefcase Bags

[caption id="attachment_7754" align="alignnone" width="2000"]briefcase bags IMAGE SOURCE: http://ladies-fashion.ru/[/caption]

Functional, spacious and stylish, this briefcase bag serves all the purpose at a 9-to-5 place or a party. Monogrammed for the luxury brand snobs or funky and abstract print for the artists, this bag with a handle and no shoulder strap is a must-have essential for every fashion girl. Let’s talk business, ladies!

Which Delhi fashion are you sporting? Tell us in the comments below.


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