5 Ways To Bring Summer Into Your Hair

Can you feel the heat? The back of your neck certainly can as the mercury rises. Just like the rest of our style, our hair too craves a summer style update. Here are a few things you can do to help it feel refreshed.   Ditch the product: You’ll be washing your hair a lot in the summer. The sweat and grime wears it down and as we moved from air-conditioned spaces to those that are not, our sebaceous glands go into an overdrive, make the scalp oily. Add a leave-conditioner, stylizing product or a heavy conditioner to this mix and you have unmistakable goop. So ditch products for this season and if you must use them, go for water-based ones. Yes, even the conditioner. You can even try those meant for oily hair, even if your hair is not, as they tend to be lighter. 9e9256881e50ecb55babc8d7bacbd2fd   Try a rinse Swap the conditioning ritual with an after-wash rinse with beer, apple cider, diluted lemon juice or even rose water. This will take off product build-up and leave your hair feeling sparkly fresh, light and alive. Not to mention, smelling great. Wash-Your-Hair-Daily- Pinterest Chop off the length The frequent washing and dehydration will be rough on your hair. This is the perfect time to go short. If you are attached to your length, ask your stylist to take off the weight with long or short layers. It’s also a good time to experiment with buzz patches which cut the hair close to your scalp. It grows out quickly and a buzz at the back of your neck is especially refreshing. slodive . com   Lighten the shampoo This is also the time to change your shampoo to something that you can use every day — there are natural options in neem, lemon, green apple. They usually don’t have a built-in conditioner, which is important since you don’t want any heaviness on your hair. For something gentler, head to the children’s section and choose a baby shampoo which will have only mild detergents and won’t strip your hair of moisture. Plus, you can use it as frequently as you like. natural hair lovers   Let it move Summer is the time to let your hair be as unfettered as you. Ditch the styling tongs — additional heat through an iron or curler will dry out the hair even more. The best way to wear it is natural — specially after you’ve got that great new cut — and let it be itself. To add texture, use a more natural method like plaiting, twisting into a bun or sleeping on wet hair — it will give your hair inimitable curls without the product and heat stress.hair straightener While you are at it how about decking up more with Voylla's jewelry? #HappyShopping!
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