7 Things To Do This Christmas!

Sparkling Christmas lights. Beautifully decorated Christmas trees.  Mistletoes.  Fruit Cakes. Stockings. Holiday. Santa Claus. And much more! Oh, how I wait for this festival the entire year! So Christmas has been my favorite festival since childhood. Christmas is not only about exchanging gifts and toys but also about spending time, love and joy with our loved ones. We listed seven things to do this Christmas. Let’s take a look!

1. Decorate the Christmas Tree

On Christmas, the Christmas tree is the shining piece of your home. Make sure you decorate it well with lights and baubles. Although, it’s not about how beautiful your Christmas tree is but it is about who is around it.

Christmas Tree


2. Go to Church

You can't spell Christmas without Christ. Whether you are a theist or an atheist, you should definitely visit the Church. The Christmas carols and the positive vibes in the church lift your mood up. Of course, the decoration (and wine!) are not worth missing.



3. Give back to others

Generosity offers everlasting happiness, purpose, and fulfillment. Not everyone gets to have lavish dinners on Christmas, so spend some time (it is not always about materialistic things in life with the underprivileged people and make them happy this Christmas.

Christmas gift


4. Christmas Gifts

From filling jars with scents like cranberry and rosemary a Christmas token to going overboard with Christmas jewellery set gifts, Christmas is all about giving! Although, Christmas gifts do not have to be necessarily expensive. In fact, you can get crafty by making handmade gifts or Christmas greeting cards. Or you can also bake some chocolate cookies for your friends. (Thank us later for these Christmas jewellery gift ideas for men and girls)

Christmas gift ideas5. Decorate yourself!

While you are all geared up to decorate your house and the tree this Christmas, don’t forget to make yourself pretty. Go for a spa and rejuvenate yourself. Go buy new clothes and jewellery that you have been wanting ever since. There is umpteen number of Christmas offers on jewelry as well as clothes. Some online sites come up with an exclusive product range for Christmas, eg. Voylla Christmas Jewellery. Avail the Christmas deals online and offline.Jesus pendant

6. Get-together dinner

Knickknacks. Scrumptious food. Decorated house. Loved ones.Plum Cake. What is that we are forgetting? MUSIC! The Christmas music actually sets your mood on Christmas. *Jingle-bell, jingle-bell-jingle all the way!!!*

Christmas Cake


7. Christmas Movie

Plan to watch a family movie with your family this Christmas. In fact, make it a tradition. *drooling over the thought of popcorns!*

Bajirao Mastani Christmas Movie

I wish you all Merry Christmas! #Happy Shopping!
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