9 Things To Do On Republic Day

How do we look back at the Republic Day with a bundle of memories? We bring to you 9 things one must do on this Republic Day. Take a look!

Watch the Parade-

Well, doesn’t that go without saying? As a child I always woke up all excited just to watch the parade. But unfortunately, I feel the trend is slowly fading away. We suggest you to wake up early and see the parade with your family. It’s a must must-do!

P.S.- Army dogs will walk the Republic Day Parade for the first time in 26 years!

army dogs walk on republic day

Sing the national anthem

Sing the National Anthem, “Jana Gana Mana” and don’t forget to stand up when it is played on the big screen. Try singing at a place where there is no roof so as to respect the national anthem. Visit your nearest government or public building and experience the feeling of flag hoisting.

National anthem of india in hindi

Take a resolution that will help develop the country-

This is a must. Imagine if more than 100 crore people of our country take a resolution that eventually leads to the development of our country, what a beautiful place it is going to be! Take resolutions like cleaning the society park, get the street lights checked, etc., most importantly being eager to VOTE.


Watch patriotic movie-

 You can go all patriotic by watching movies like LOC, Border, etc. And guess what, you don’t even have to download a movie online as a lot of channels will already be airing patriotic movies on 26th January. All you have to do is get popcorn and chill! :)

P.S.- You can also read biographies of Indians who revolutionized the country.


Speak in Hindi for a day-

Make it a point to speak in Hindi on this day. The irony in our country is that those who are not well-versed in English are looked down upon and those who don’t know Hindi are okay with it. Why aren’t we chauvinistic about our language like the French? One should know English as it the most-spoken language in the world. But we believe, Hindi is equally important as it is out “Matra-Bhasha”

Jai hind

Play Quiz-

Well, 26th Jan is a National Holiday. So no work and no school! :D That means you have ample time to spend with kids. We recommend you to play a quiz with them. All you have to do is ask them questions like eminent Indians, flag colors and significance , the reason of  26th celebration, etc. Don’t forget to reward them with goodies!

Become a tourist in your own city-

Staycation is the new trend! You don’t have to shell out a lot of money to enjoy a vacation. Well, the idea of becoming a tourist in your own city might sound absurd to you! But trust us, it is an excellent way to unwind. Visit forts, monuments and hot attractions in your city as we have in almost every city/town, thanks to India’s rich culture and heritage.

India gate tourist

Forget fast food-

Go green! (if not orange-white-green! *wink*). Eat healthy and opt for fruits and green leafy vegetables. We understand that this might be difficult on a holiday but at least opt for Indian khaana even if you go out. BTW, you can also cook tri-colored dish! We came across this amazing easy recipe.You might want to check out!

tri color food

Wear Desi-

Why not show your patriotism by wearing Indian clothes. For one day, we can forget the western wear and get into comfortable kurti-leggings and saris (for girls) and dhoti-kurtas (for men). You can also accessorise with beautiful fashion jewelry.

P.S- In case you shop jewellery online, opt for Indian brands.

Why do most of us get all patriotic on 26th January and 15th August and not for the rest of the year? Why do most of us flaunt the love for our country only on these days and not otherwise? Well, the reason remains in our hearts.

Sending courage, freedom, humanity and Indianness your way. xoxo

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