Ajrakh- Inspired From The Centuries Old Craft

There is a reason why this has remained one of our most popular collections so far. Inspired by the traditional craft of block printing, Ajrakh is all about elegant paisleys, flowers, tendrils in statement pieces. Perfect for daywear, Ajrakh is crafted in a silver alloy and hand enameled in colors used in the block prints of yore – earthy blues, yellows and browns. For a contemporary touch, you will find chirpy birds and bells for just a hint of mischief.

Our style editors swear by the light, fun and girly collection that will complement anything you wear.

We have been sporting our Ajrakh pieces with our sarees, kurtas and tank tops too. Trust us, the compliments have never stopped flowing!

Here is our pick of the lot:

This little beauty has been on our list of favs forever. And not difficult to see why. Available also in a lovely blue and yellow combination, you can wear this any day, any time and have fun.

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These earrings are so elegant that so perfectly enameled that you would want to wear them every day. We wear them as often as possible too and their light weight adds to their lovability!

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