All You Need To Know Hair And Skin Care!!

So there are two groups during Holi - one filled with enthusiasts and others who lock themselves and are “allergic” to the colors. And don’t you think the enthusiasts have more fun when they drag down the allergic ones? You get irritated and then have no option left but to enjoy. Your irritation level hits back when you try to remove the color from your body and hair. So, to save you some time, skin and hair, we get you holi tips for skin and hair!!

Skin care tips for holiTips For How To Protect Your Hair And Skin On Holi

Keep yourself hydrated foremost. Keep drinking water/mocktails/juices to keep yourself away from dehydration.


While we play it feels nice to know we’re looking good with colored hair flying and stuff but it’s torturous when we realize while bathing that the color is acting totally like your bad ex- gone but left you with ugly marks behind!

Apply oils like jojoba, olive or coconut oil and tie it up neatly. Colors tend to damage and get soaked up on the dry scalp. Don’t let loose your hair- prone to be damaged more. Also, tie up a scarf to expose less of hair.


Apply light oil or waterproof SPF moisturizer to protect from suntan and to get rid of color easily. Wear a full sleeves shirt and full-length trousers! You’ll save time and energy while bathing. Apply Vaseline on your fingertips, inside nails, lips and behind ears- grease or moisturizing element prevents skin from absorbing stubborn colors. Wear the jewelleries that are easy to carry as you don't wanna get out clicking pictures without some colorful jewels and posting on social media. So getting you some jewellery for holi festival.

Skin care tips for holiHow To Protect Hair And Skin During Holi

While playing with colours have some precautions that using homemade colours that don't harm you and your friends too but then too if you feel some itching, irritation or uncomfortable then, don’t fret! We got some post-Holi tips to remember this colorful festival only for good memories.


Apply a paste of olive oil and honey with few drops of lemon on your hair. Leave this paste for 30 mins and wash it off with a mild shampoo and warm water. This will act as a nourishing pack.
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To remove colors and bring back your skin to the original self, apply a paste of lemon juice with curd and apply on the areas with colors, followed by a bath with luke-warm water.

Skin care tips for holi

Let us know if you find these tips helpful in the comments below. :)

Have a happy and safe Holi everyone!


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