Bollywood Celebs And Their Lucky Charms

We have all seen people wearing gemstone rings and pendants, which they believe to enhance their luck. When it comes to lucky charms, our Bollywood celebs are no less than any ordinary man. All the biggies of the B town have been seen flashing their lucky charms every now and then. When I say lucky charms, for some celebs it is their gemstone jewellery, whereas for others it is a particular object, like a watch or a particular colour. We’ll be discussing about the lucky jewellery which these celebs have been wearing. Here are some B town celebs with their lucky charms. Shilpa Shetty: Shilpa Shetty allots her career success, winning the Celebrity Big Brother show, her IPL stint, and even the success of her yoga CD, to her emerald ring, which she wears on her little finger. She says, this ring was advised by her mother and she did achieve instant fame and recognition at a global level after wearing it. shilpa shetty Amitabh Bachchan: A few years back, Amitabh was in huge debt, his company was on the verge of shutting down and his career was on a downhill, it was then, that an astrologer advised him to wear a blue sapphire ring. And then he came back with a bang, with Kaun Banega Crorepati, and since then we all know his popularity rose. He also wears an opal and emerald, to alleviate his health problems. amitabh bachchan Vidya Balan: The Ooo La La Girl, is gaga about her beads. We have spotted her wearing her bead bracelets with no matter her attire is. The beads are not really any precious gemstones, but she believes them to be her lucky charm. We spotted Balan sporting a combination of two bracelets — a blue and a black one — at almost all her recent public appearances including award events. vidya balan Salman Khan: Sallu Bhai’s lucky charm is his turquoise and silver bracelet which he has been wearing over the years! The bracelet was gifted to him, by his Father Salim Khan, so naturally Salman is very attached to it. The turquoise stone supposedly brings good fortune and keeps away bad luck from the wearer. It has become his signature style and the same bracelet even adorns his wax statue at Madam Tussauds. salman These are some of our Bollywood celebs who have been flashing their rocks and have been doing great. Regardless of whether these stars and starlets continue wearing these amulets or not, we hope they keep on entertaining us, like always. Do you want to find out what is your lucky stone? Read this for more information: PS: We do not suggest that just wearing these stones will get you all the success that you wish for but these gemstones will definitely help you in your path to success, while you do your hard work. Flaunt What You’ve Got ( And Shine On!) Shuchi K
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