Celebrate Valentine's Day in a unique way!

It’s coming. The V-day. of course, you’re too cool to celebrate it, but you know you are going to anyway. Treat it like a fun date instead of a capitalist marketing tool by doing something unusual. We’ve got some ideas for the non-mainstream loved-up couple!

1. Go shopping!

Wait, wait, hear us out. We’re talking about fun, crazy jewellery — led light rings from the guy who sells plastic toys, neon light-up bracelets, and feather boas. The key is to wear all this together and do your date-day with an outmost serious expression. And then don't forget to propose with solitaires and heart-shaped pendants.

2. Make a new ending:

It’s a game to play with your date: One of you picks a great one story and the other one gives it a realistic ending. For instance: Romeo-Juliet. They had to appear for the board exams. Juliet was much brighter than the other and scored a scholarship; while Romeo stayed back to look after the family business, she got bald, flat and boring! Give it a try!

3. Meet the parents:

Instead of you girl or guy, take his or her parent out for a meal. Spend the afternoon finding out what your beloved was as a child, listen to all the embarrassing stories, find out what (s)he really likes and hates. Of course, you’re scoring brownie points for being attentive to the folks, so don’t forget to make them feel special — buy them flowers, open the door and pay the bill. Let them know how you are going to treat their precious child. Wanna hit the jackpot! Spend a day in the kitchen with them, learning to make your girlfriend/boyfriend’s favorite dish.

4. A Gift that keeps giving:

Instead of flowers and chocolate, make a coupon booklet of boring errands that you can run for your girl/guy — fill up fuel, walk the dog, fill up administration forms, run repairs, pick up stuff. Put a timeline — one errand per week or month and watch their eyes light up with glee. 

5. Spread the love:

Combine your magical powers and spend a day spreading love. Find a cause you love — animal welfare, children with a terminal disease, neglected elderly, teaching street kids and spend the day at an NGO of your choice. You can dig around in the organic garden that feeds cancer patients, or help paint the shelter created for abandoned and rescued animals, or spend a day with seniors listening to some very interesting stories. Either way, you’ll have more love at the end of the day than what you started with. 

Stay tuned for more Valentine's gifts and ideas! #HappyShopping! 

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