Chikankari- The Royal Art From Lucknow

The Lanes of Lucknow Through the lanes and passages, one often stumbles upon “Paradise lustre”. Humble tea stalls, sizzling kebabs, and lanes of mesmerizing clothes of chikankari fabric displayed behind the shiny glass windows hanging in a royal form justifying its explicit intricacy and singing out loud the hymn of royalty. It is not just the romance of a Lucknow-i summer, dappled courtyards and the sheer luxury of gossamer yards but also its identity lies in the intricate chikankari work.  
chikankari work All about the delicate embroidery Chikankari is a very delicate embroidery from Lucknow. Chikan, in the literal sense, means embroidery, This art form was known to be introduced by Mughals. The simple and precise, yet intricate hand stitch gives a classy feel to the garment. There are several interesting stories related to the origin of the embroidery. As early as 3rd century BC, Megasthenes, A Greek traveler mentioned the used muslin by Indians. A traveler who was passing by Lucknow asked a poor peasant for water and for the hospitality, love & service he received he taught the peasant the art of Chikankari that he won’t be hungry ever and could earn a living. Another Tale associated with this brilliant craft is that Noorjahan, queen of King Jahangir introduced the Persian art in the 17th century and was said to be a brilliant embroideress and was fond of this art, Her husband also developed a certain amount of interest in the embroidery and established several workshops to perfect this art in India. Ferocious needle art Chikankari is a needlework embroidery done on fabric with these types of stitches naming backstitch, chain stitch, and hemstitch. The prominent feature of this embroidery is the stitches. The artist takes care of the perfect delicate stitches done manually, to give the garment look of richness and perfection. With the growing demand in the handicraft sector and hand-woven items, modernization has played an important role in the retail sector. Global acceptance of the handloom products has led to the sale of these Chikankari products take place in the online market too. needle work embroidery Art interpretation Our collection takes the mastery of the world-famous needlework that plays peek a boo with light and shadow, to create exquisite jewelry.
A collection with a certain andaaz, tehzeeb, and words of eloquent poetry, In silver and gold, capturing an essence of Chikankari embroidery with the stitches, taking the motifs resembling Chikankari itself.
  Designers Word "It’s all about crossing the same old lane and seeking sunshine for the sunflower, it’s all about living with your routes and constantly taking inspiration from past, What can be a form of stitches could be a form of jewellery, What is a painting could be turned into a building. It’s all about how you see a thing. Design is thinking outside the box.”
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