Choker Necklaces- History and Best Bollywood Looks

Chokers have been around for quite some time now and are a rage amongst youth. We all know that it is a comeback from the 90’s but did you know it carries a lot more history than this? Yes, to our surprise it signified so many things.

One of its early significances came out in 1700's where women wore it as a sign of royalty. In a deeper significance, however, women in France tied a red ribbon around their necks during the French Revolution to pay homage to the dead who fell victim to the guillotine. To make the neck-wear more fashionable, women would adorn their ribbons with jewelled baubles or cameo pins.

By the 1800's, a black ribbon around the neck was often used to identify prostitutes. This trend was later followed by Ballerinas.

It's in 1940's it returned as a fashion accessory in America with a spark signifying royalty and power. It was then nicknamed as "dog collars". It became popular with women embellishing with lace, pearls, and even diamonds.

The iteration of choker set in the 90's is what we have fresh memories of. It came back with less glamour and more subtle than its ancestors. Diamonds and pearls were replaced with hemps and tattoo chokers. This year, January saw a resurgence of chokers.

Any fashion trend comes to us mostly through our Bollywood divas. They try and test it for us and once it's approved by the fashion critics (on and off social media), it becomes the style of the season. Like what goes around comes back around, fashion is making its comeback from the 90s. And our favourite is chokers. Since its comeback, our Bollywood divas have been seen adorning them with casuals, formals, everything.

1.Shraddha Kapoor This cute actress pulls off everything with grace. With her choker look, she looks chic with elegance. This is the simplest and most subtle without-a-fail choker look when you're in confusion.


2.Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt has hardly gone wrong with fashion. She is an impeccable actress with style. Her dreamer choker is perfect for the Airport style with a bomber jacket and denim.


3.Priyanka Chopra We love the color combination of her ensemble. Sleek, subtle and perfect, just as herself.


4.Deepika Padukone We love the gothic avatar of Deepika. Something she seldom shows up with, this look oozes her personality. Get this look on a Saturday night and bring out the beautiful bold in you.


5.Sonam Kapoor Is there anything this lady can't pull off? We love her experiments with the chokers! Well, like always, Sonam gives us different ideas in which a choker can completely change your look.


6.Parineeti Chopra With that super weight loss, she has also evolved in her fashion sense. Take some inspiration from her, if you want to escalate your office look.An off shoulder pant-suit with choker is so sleek.


7.Jacqueline Fernandez Fun and frolic Jacqueline went for a black-metallic feel. Like her bestie Sonam, she totally seems to be in love with chokers.


8.Anushka Sharma She has kept it simple with the safest looks of choker. Blending in cool and simplicity well, Anushka's look is exemplary if you want to keep it safe, simple and beautiful.

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Which of these choker styles is your favourite? Share your answers with us in the comments below.

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