Dear Boys, Here’s all you need to know about PMS (Thank us later ? )

Pain? Check.  Anger? Check. Random outbursts? Check.  Endless sobbing? Check. Girls, if these are the symptoms you’re facing. Congratulations, you have subscribed for the monthly PMS offer. It’s not you but all the women around the world feel the same with their doomsday approaching. People might consider it as a hyped phenomenon but no! We are actually enslaved by our hormones.

Dear Boyfriend, While we battle with our raging bodies, please help us keep a sane mind, and we promise it’ll be worth it.

With love- Your PMSing Girlfriend ?

1. Food food and food! ☕

25 There’s no denying to the fact at this time other than you only food can keep us calm. So please bear with our berserk demands for food and satiate our craving of the tummy. Nothing would be better than stacks of pizzas *with dripping cheese* and endless bars of chocolates.

2. Back to Back Rom-com Movies

23 Seriously!  A dose of romantic melodrama or some chick flick would surely subdue our ovary-acting. Let’s grab some popcorn or ice-cream and put on these classics and watch the anxiety leave as soon as the credentials appear.

3. Shop till you drop  ?

Shopping with you There’s no match to the feeling we get while holding numerous shopping bags and hopping from one shop to another for more useless purchases. So would you mind accompanying us for our tryst with clothes? Or wait, if you’re too lazy or we are too sick to get up. Time for some Online Shopping!

4. Neverending Cuddles ?

Cuddling with you With the outburst of estrogens what can combat them is an army of endorphin hormones. Bottom line. Cuddle us endlessly like you would do to your puppies and that would be bliss! Some extra pampering and lots and lots of cuddles would be so good. After all, we know you meant it when you said ‘I’ve got your back’.

5. A Snoring Session

A snoring session They say that dozing off actually helps you gain your calm and equilibrium as it takes you in another world of dreams and fantasies. So how about taking a nap for a few hours while you’re caressing our hair! ?

6. Intense Breakdown

Crying We know, it’s hard to articulate why we cry, especially at this time when the outburst with salt water is a relief. ? With all the overwhelming flood of emotions, it’s hard to keep everything in check. So the next time we cry during this phase, it’s not you but it’s us. Okay?

7. Variations at their best

[caption id="attachment_7410" align="alignleft" width="2000"]Don't be angry Source: HJ Story (Instagram)[/caption]

Yeah, this one is hard to deal with. Our mood swings are simply unpredictable. A moment we are all chirpy, the next moment we are fuming mad. We are totally capricious, weird, lunatic *not exactly* and everything else you can think of during this vulnerable time but really, a tight hug and a pat on the back with your words of love would drench us in a shower of calm. We know, it’s hard to tackle but stay and you won’t regret it.

Whatever it is, hold onto us because just the way after a stormy night comes the sunshine spark, we’ll come out of our caves too as happy as a lark. ☺❤

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