Designer Artifacts - Silver Healing Stones

Voylla proudly launches the exotic range of artifacts which are crafted with precious metals and graced with treasured  crystals and stones. Artifact, a term related to archaeology, is defined as an object recovered by archaeological endeavor, deposits, stones, Eco facts etc. They hold importance because of their beauty and their charm of being in nature for so many years. Some of these hold the power of healing, power of radiating positivity around. Metaphysics the science, which revolves around the concept of healing stones, describes these stones as powerful source of energy which continually reflects positive vibes. A team of able researchers have spent a years in the tranquil areas of Himalayas researching about these stones. 1   These stones originating from the serene and tranquil regions hold an aura of positivity and charm. The stones are further coated with 99.5 Silver, which multiplies power of the healing stone. Silver is known for its metaphysical properties – *Awesomeness of Silver*
  • Calming
  • Improves quality of speech
  • Reflects negativity
  • Heighten the strength of perception
  • Astrologically associated with the sun sign Cancer and Aquarius
  • Activates and open your Third Eye Chakra
  2 After being coated in the silver these artifacts are beautified with religious motifs which are encrusted over the stones to add more of appeal and richness to the artifact! The stones have motifs of Lord Ganesha, Om, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva’s third Eye, Shree and Motifs Depicting Sun and Round Symbol of fire. These different motifs of religious deities help you in each of your endeavors. These artifacts are further adorned with preciousness of Swarovski stones; colored and lustrous crystals add more of charm and preciousness to the stones. stone mood triple Place these healing artifacts at the entrance of your office or you can wear these little healing stone pendants. These are to be kept away from water, else are safe to be placed anywhere! Voylla is glad and is looking forward in spreading the word of positivity around!
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