Dress Code - Decoded !

The fashion squad at Voylla is back again with a report on what to wear when. Time and again we all have wondered, with an invitation in our hand, about what would be the most appropriate outfit for the occasion. We all want to “stand-out” for our apparel while “fitting-in” for the occasion.  Let’s talk about various occasion and their implied dress-codes 


Dress code: Casual 

 Let your creativity do the talking when dress code is casual. Wear the trend or re-write the rule book!  Pick one theme and work around it. Choose your theme based on time & season. When in doubt, trust your denims!


Dress code: Informal/Business 

  Etiquettes call for a suit with jacket and matching skirt/trousers for informal and business dress code.  You could also choose a morning dress, which is a mid-calf –ankle length dress high-cut bodice. These could be paired with stoles of shrug to complete the look. These should be worn with pumps ad minimal jewelry, preferably pearls. A crisp cotton suit, a printed silk sari pinned neatly also works here and would add a dash of color to the event.


Dress code: Black Tie  

 This group includes cocktail parties and semi-formal events. A cocktail dress is the unsaid rule for these occasions.  Length of these dress typically vary based on local culture, from just above the knee to mid-calf.  De-facto standard in India/Europe and US and major part of world now is right above the knees.  These are worn for early evening parties, should be paired with evening shoes. Cocktail dresses should fall somewhere between formal day wear and evening gown in sumptuousness. Dark Colors should be chosen for winter months, and pestle shades with floral prints should be picked for summer/spring.  Choose an embellished but understated sari if you want to go for Indian look.


Dress code: White tie 

 These are the most formal occasions and would typically include ceremonies like evening- wedding, and formal balls. Women are expected to wear a full-length evening gown for these occasions.  A full skirted dress should be worn for ball-room, any silhouette works for other occasions. These gowns should be more elaborate with statement cute and fuller silhouette. Red, black gold and silver is the most common palette for these dresses. These dresses must be paired with high-heeled evening shoes and with understated jewelry.  Pick a designer sari or suit for the Indian look and pair it with your precious stone jewelry. 



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