Dress Up For Halloween Party

It’s here; it’s here, the time for all the spooky and eerie activities is here. So, take out all your creepy stuff, as head quickly head towards Halloween (31st Oct). Though a lot of historians have been debating about the origin of Halloween, but for all the curious ones, here is a little history about this day. Halloween day originated under the belief that on that particular day which straddles between autumn and winter, the ghosts and the spirits of the dead try to come into the world of the living beings. This belief/ superstitions have been there since the 18th Century. People used to light bon fire and wear scary costumes thinking that it will ward off the spirits, after a few years 1st Nov was declared as a day to remember all martyrs and saints. As time progressed and people no longer believed in those superstitions, the Halloween day became more of a fun opportunity for people to enjoy the thrills and be transported even in their imagination to a supernatural, spooky land. It is the enigmatic celebration when people actually enjoy getting scared. Along with the horrific celebrations, there is a room full of possibility for creativity and fun. The Halloween celebrations involve carving out pumpkins of different sizes, usually into scary Jack-o-lanterns. And then there are the costume parties (which everyone looks forward to) and the 'trick-or-treating'. Everyone who loves dressing up, have a big occasion to let their creativity loose and get ready for the fun Halloween parties. The main reason this festival is catching up in the young Indian crowd is because the whole idea of this day is to be horrific and have fun which is quite different from our usual festivals. Are you already wondering what to wear for your Halloween party? Here are some suggestions for giving this day a little bit of the Indian touch.Wear an all black kurta salwar for the ultimate goth look, add metallic accessories with skulls or bone like material. Add everything goth and lots of kajal, and you are good to go. black For the sake of all the ghosts who appear in an all white look, wear a  long white floor length kurta with some spooky accessories to go with it. Check out the skull earrings here. white Getting inspired from Blood, wearing a Red hot Sari is a great option, pair it up with eerie accessories and scare the hell out of people. red Don’t forget to go for the messy hair and smudged eye makeup and of course the devilish red lips for completing your look.Letting your imagination loose and being something entirely different than your usual self for some time is a sure way for everyone to enjoy. You can buy all these accessories from voylla.com and be the most horrifying star at your Halloween party. Flaunt what you’ve got (and BOO!) Shuchi K
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