This Dussehra Know Some Facts and Quotes about Ravan!

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Dussehra is a festival to celebrate the victory of Good over Bad.

Some Unknown Facts About Ravana!

#1 Ravan is known as the villain of Ramayana but he is also Brahma's great-grandson. Many people shocked at that moment, how it is possible that he was a great-grandson of Brahma. The answer is here, Ravan's father was Rishi Visravas, who is the son of Prajapati Pulsdtya, One of the Brahma's ten "mind-born" sons. #2 People think Ravan has 10 faces but In some other versions of Ramayana says that Ravan has not 10 faces, But is was appeared because of his mother gave him a necklace that has 9 pearls, so an optical illusion created for an observer.

Some Best Dussehra Quotes on Ravana

Everyone is delighted about trouncing of yesterday's Ravana, We should better be concerned about the safety of today's Sita.   Don't kill but conquer, Ravana in you   Never think your enemy is small or powerless like I thought for Hanuman.
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It's better to be a good ravana, than being a bad Rama.   Our life will be boring without people like ravanas.   Not every hero has a good heart, and not every villain has a bad heart.   Instead of burning paper Ravan, burn your inhuman effigies.   If I were Ravan, I would ask people not to burn me until and unless they have the qualities like that of lord Rama.   Our karma will chase us if we run behind adharma.   When we are burning down one Ravana, aren't we being ravan ourselves to nature   Putle jalane se kya hoga, bas raakh hogi, Dhunaa hoga.. Jhaank kar dekh apne girbaan me, ravan tujhse to accha hoga  
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