5 Dresses To Wear This Summer

Mercury is rising means its time to shed the jeans. Heavy, stifling denim has been caging your legs for months and it’s time to let them feel the breeze. It’s dress weather and here are five on-point frock you should get ASAP.

  1. Skater dressskater dress- zara

The skater dress is the mini for the free girl. Close or scoop-necked, three-fourth sleeves, with a bit of flare, it looks like the uniform of professionals into figure or roller skating, hence the name. It stops well or just above the knee and looks best with white keds. Put in a bit of pattern and in a thick fabric with a bit of lycra, and you have the dress you can run your daily errands in. Accessorise with a wee backpack or sling bag and off you go.

  1. Off the shoulder dress:ali xpress

 The Shoulder is the new sexy and you have to have one of these boho-dresses in whatever length your legs want. You can be a posh lady-who-brunches in a silk number that comes to your shine; or a tiny, close-fitting sexy number for the evening. You can even go full-length in a maxi to wear to formal functions such as engagement parties. If you can’t commit, go for one shoulder exposure which is just as appealing.

  1. Tube maxi: [caption id="attachment_6041" align="aligncenter" width="290"]Source: Pinterest Source: Pinterest[/caption]

 Aah the maxi! No dress is as liberating as this reminder of the beach. Brightly patterned or in a jersey solid, it flatters most body types, eliminates the need for epilation and a bra, and can be breezily be covered up with a linen shirt, kimono jacket, denim jacket — or not! Wear with scrappy sandals and have everyone sighing and applying for leave.

  1. Tee-shirt dress: [caption id="attachment_6042" align="aligncenter" width="236"]Source: Pinterest Source: Pinterest[/caption]

Some tees are so comfortable that you never want to get out of them. A T-Shirt dress is the answer to that prayer — it’s longer, sporty and a the perfect canvas to accessorise. You can just wear a hat and leave it at that; or pull up tights under it while travelling. Imagine all the things you can do with a statement necklace or by layering necklaces of varying lengths. It can also be grunge when layered with a plaid shirt and just bracelets. All you need to do is find the length comfortable for you.

  1. The smock [caption id="attachment_6043" align="aligncenter" width="819"]Source: Lookbook.nu Source: Lookbook.nu[/caption]

 The smock or bag dress forgives all manner of food sins. It’s seemingly shapeless, but therein lies the appeal. It's winning detail in the bag dress is that it’s floaty, has pockets and is most comfortable while travelling. Denim ones are the flavour of the season, but there’s no reason to stop at just one fabric. The length has to be just below the knee so you can rock that pixie vibe. Canvas shoes and you are ready to go.

Don't forget to accessorise them with statement neckpieces and dainty studs. 

Which dress are you gonna wear this summer? Leave in your comments below! 

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