Five Stunning Rakhi Gift Ideas for Sisters from Our Summer Jewellery Collection

Raksha Bandhan, a cherished Indian festival, celebrates the unique and unbreakable bond between siblings. Traditionally marked by sisters tying a Rakhi around their brothers’ wrists, the festival symbolizes protection, love, and mutual respect. In return, brothers give gifts, promising to protect their sisters always. While Rakhi gifts can vary widely, one thoughtful and trendy choice is summer jewellery, a perfect blend of elegance and seasonal charm.

Choosing the right piece of jewellery requires thoughtfulness. Consider your sister’s personality and style. Is she a fan of bohemian chic, with a love for beaded bracelets and anklets? Or does she prefer a minimalist look, with simple yet elegant pieces that can be worn daily? Summer jewellery offers a wide range of options, from vibrant, colourful gemstones to understated, refined designs that add a touch of style to any outfit. This Raksha Bandhan, let summer jewellery be the perfect expression of your bond, blending tradition with modernity and heartfelt emotions. Here are some collections from Voylla that you can explore to find the perfect Rakhi gift for your sister!

1. The Hawaii Collection
Gifting your sister summer jewellery from Voylla’s Hawaii collection for Rakhi is a wonderful way to celebrate the bond you share. The collection's tropical-inspired designs, including starfish, palm leaves, and floral motifs, are perfect for adding a refreshing touch to her summer wardrobe. For a casual yet chic look, consider the Hawaii Starfish Dangler Silver Earrings. These dainty earrings are ideal for pairing with flowy summer dresses or beachwear. They add a subtle refinement while keeping the summer vibe alive. To make a statement, the Hawaii Monstera Statement Silver Studs are an excellent choice. These can be styled with a simple white blouse and denim shorts, allowing the earrings to be the focal point of her outfit. They’re perfect for both day outings and evening gatherings.

The Hawaii Tropical Flora Multi-Layered Silver Necklace is another stunning piece that embodies the essence of summer. It’s suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions. Pairing it with a sundress or a simple top and skirt can create a breezy, stylish look. For a more playful accessory, the Hawaii Banana Leaf Silver Anklet can be a delightful addition to her collection. This anklet complements sandals and light summer shoes, adding a touch of elegance to her feet. Choosing summer jewellery from this collection for your sister’s Rakhi gift this Raksha Bandhan not only showcases your thoughtful gift-giving but also enhances her summer style with pieces that are both trendy and stylish.

Voylla Hawaii Collection

2. The Fresh Fern Collection
Voylla's Fresh Fern collection is an excellent way to combine style with sentiment for your Raksha Bandhan gift. Inspired by the delicate and resilient fern leaf, each piece in this collection is a symbol of strength and new beginnings—perfect for celebrating the enduring bond between siblings. Consider the Fresh Fern Bella Pendant for a versatile and sophisticated gift. This pendant works beautifully with a light summer dress or a chic blouse. For a more dramatic piece, the Fresh Fern Blossom Necklace Set is an excellent choice. This set can elevate a classic white top or dress. It’s ideal for special occasions or evening outings, making it a standout addition to her jewellery collection​​.

The Fresh Fern Rue Ring is another stunning option. This adjustable ring offers a stylish yet comfortable accessory. It’s perfect for daily wear and can be paired with almost any outfit, from casual jeans and ethnic attire, making it a versatile piece that your sister will cherish​​With thoughtful styling, these pieces from the Fresh Fern collection will not only make her feel special but also keep her looking stylish throughout the season, making for an ideal Rakhi gift.

Voylla Fresh Fern Collection

3. The Flower Fantasy Collection
The pieces from Voylla's Flower Fantasy collection are a great option for a Rakhi gift. This collection features delicate floral designs that are perfect for the season, offering a blend of elegance and freshness that complements summer outfits beautifully. Consider the Flower Fantasy Snow Blossom Floral Ring, a piece that can be a versatile addition to your sister's jewellery box, ideal for both casual and semi-formal occasions. Pair it with a light, flowy sundress or a chic evening outfit to add a timeless grace to the look. For a more complete outfit, the Flower Fantasy Pendant Necklace can be a fantastic choice. This piece is perfect for adding a hint of sophistication to everyday wear or making a statement at a summer party.

When it comes to earrings, the Flower Fantasy Floral Studs are both charming and practical. These earrings can be paired with almost any outfit, making them a versatile Raksha Bandhan gift. They work well with both Western and ethnic attire, providing a delicate dash that enhances the overall look. Voylla's Flower Fantasy collection offers a perfect blend of flair and stylishness, making it an ideal choice for Rakhi gifts that your sister will cherish and enjoy wearing throughout the summer​.

Flower Fantasy

4. The Zulu Collection
Gifting summer jewellery from Voylla's Zulu collection to your sister for Raksha Bandhan is a fantastic idea that combines cultural richness with contemporary style. Inspired by the intricate art of Zulu basketry, this collection features bold, colourful designs perfect for summer outfits. The Zulu Amahle Oversized Enamelled Ring adds a playful yet urbane touch with its colourful enamel and dainty embellishments. This ring pairs wonderfully with bohemian outfits, like maxi dresses or casual skirts, adding a vibrant pop to her look. The Zulu Amari Collar Necklace Set is another standout piece, perfect for making a statement at summer gatherings. This necklace set can elevate an ethnic outfit or a classic tank top and jeans combo, making her look effortlessly chic.

 For earrings, the Zulu Ankara Enamelled Hoops are both stylish and flexible. These hoops can be paired with both casual and formal attire, offering a bold accent that complements summer hues and patterns. Encourage your sister to experiment by pairing Zulu pieces with other minimalist jewellery to create a unique and personalized look. The bold designs and bright colours are perfect for summer festivities, making these pieces not just a Rakhi gift, but a celebration of style and tradition.


5. The Morni Collection
Voylla's Morni collection is a beautiful way to combine tradition and style for a Raksha Bandhan gift. Inspired by Gond art, it features intricate designs with motifs of flowers, leaves, and peacocks, embodying both grace and cultural richness.

The Morni Krutika Necklace Set is perfect for enhancing a white chikankari kurta, adding a sophisticated and traditional touch to a simple outfit. Its detailed craftsmanship ensures it stands out, making it an ideal piece for festive occasions or casual gatherings. For a more modern look, the Morni Medinee Dangle Earrings are a great choice. These earrings can be paired with a white shoulder-strapped dress, offering a chic Indo-Western appeal. For a minimalist yet elegant look, the Morni Vannamayil Cuff is an excellent addition. This cuff can be paired with a denim and kurta ensemble, adding a boho-chic element to a casual summer outfit.

These pieces from the Morni collection not only add a vibrant touch to your sister’s summer wardrobe but also allow her to express her unique style. This Rakhi, let the Morni collection from Voylla be a memorable gift that she will cherish for years to come
​. As the sweltering summer sun beats down, everyone looks for ways to stay stylish yet comfortable. Summer jewellery, characterized by its lightness, vibrant colours, and delicate designs, fits the bill perfectly. Gifting your sister such pieces this Raksha Bandhan will not only enhance her seasonal wardrobe but also show your understanding and appreciation of her style. Imagine the joy on her face as she opens a beautifully wrapped box to find a pair of flower earrings or a delicate charm necklace, each piece carefully chosen to reflect the bright, breezy spirit of summer.

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