FLAMENCO - Love is in the Air

The days are around to mesmerize the beauty of Love, Think & Talk about love, show it and fall on your knees again “Expression is the key feature for a successful relationship, “ said some wise Women. To mark your presence in someone’s life, the expression needs to be a key feature. No women said Her man should be less expressive. All she says out loud is - “YOU CAN TAKE MY HEART AWAY, JUST SWAY THE EXPRESSION OF LOVE AROUND”. This Valentine Vollya dedicated its Valentine collection to the “Love of Expression”. As we can see the way of expression varies from person to person. Dance could be a form of expression too, it’s the way you groove, the way one expresses its feeling in the form of gestures, the instant expressions after listening to a beat says it all. Bring you a Collection inspired from a Dance form, Flamenco which is known to be an expressive one and a dance where instant expression plays an importance role in moves. “So button up, gather all your charm, shake a little, groove to your favorite beat and get ready to express your feelings & mesmerize your enchantress”.
Flamenco, a Spanish art form, consisting three parts: guitar playing, song, and dance, these three parts says to be depicting highly self-consuming expression & emotions. A solo dance performance involving hand-clapping, foot tapping, very intricate yet dramatic hand, arm and body movements. Flamenco can be said as a synonym of Spain. A renowned dance form of Spain blooming around for the waves & rhythm it carries. Flamenco is a dramatic visual fest of music, emotions, expressions, movements, music & colors. The rhythm, flow, and movements are to fall for.
The origination of this dance form is yet a debatable topic as how it came into existence. We can make assumption through preconceived notions but these claims are not completely accurate. As it says, this art form has its origination from a nomadic tribe in Andalucia, Spain. The debatable part arises here as its said that This art form was performed by Lower levels of Andalucian society by their dramatic moves o& gestures. Flamenco was said as a part of a self-expressive art form, which was done in contrary to the high society. Late in 18th & early 19th century, this art form started gaining popularity & public interest around due to the movements and expression of the form and the dance began to see itself breaking out of its shell.
Flamenco Dance & Dancers
Flamenco dancers are known as bailaores and bailaoras. In the initial stage of Dance the dancers stands still just for the flow of music to consume within, as he/she starts feeling the music the dancer’s beings with a steady bead of loud hand clapping, as the emotions start building up so does this passionate dance form with fierce stomping and graceful arm movements. The specialty of this art form is he use of arm, feet, and legs to express emotions of love, anger, and grief. There is no particular dance steps in the dance initially, it was all about expression of oneself respective to the beats. It's about the transition in the music, rhythm in the dance steps. Castanents are held at times for clicking and folding fans for visual effects.
FLAMENCO- Flares of love
The pure and rich form of self-expression art is the best example for our Valentine 2018. Nothing can justify the relevance more than the art form itself. The folds in the collection depict the folds of relationship and different phases a person goes through to get to that daylight of hope. Shop the Necklace Set Here  A relationship with yourself, your loved ones. Either it is Self-love or Love as a golden figure, it goes through different folds. The expression, flow of the dancer's move and the rush of the garment showing a pure instant expression is a source of inspiration in this collection. Bring you Flares of Love to mark your presence in your loved one's life. “Express your love through Voylla”.
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