Gemstone For The Month Of May

They say a lot can be said about you from the month you're born in. They say it true we must say. Every month born is distinguished by the uncanny traits and a stone that describes your personality the best.  And what better than the rich and radiating stone- Emerald for the spendthrift and sparkling May borns.

Let's see some traits that set the May-ians apart and emerald stones jewelry pieces that will intensify their rich and luxurious self:

Staunch Follower of Art and Finance

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Only a May born is capable of being a master at these diverse fields. Artistic with skills of managing finance.  Whoa! Who doesn't want that? Embrace your talent with this gorgeous pair of sparkling earrings.

Dreamer Anytime of The Day

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You cannot compete with them at dreaming. (Well, we aren't talking about the Pisceans here! :P)  They can dream anytime of the day, also with their eyes open! Well, you deserve to gift yourself this beautiful ring for this rarely found quality.

Let's Grab Some Attention?

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Well, with the amount of love they spread and talent that they showcase, it's quite natural for them to demand attention and affection. Isn't it? Trust us, this pair of elegant earrings will make your job of grabbing attention way easier.

Careful Lovers, They're Quite Possessive!

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If they love someone, it's theirs.  PERIOD. No, no more argument! There's no certainty of your lover but an exquisite set of jewelry never betrays.

Lazy But Not Lazy

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The hard-working clan is otherwise lazy. But you know what charges them up instantly? Stalking. Yes, they're super energetic at stalking. To wear this petite pair of stud earrings will cost you only a millisecond.

Self-Sufficient for Motivation

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Therapy sessions? Not for them at least. They're independent and like to keep it that way even when they're low. Get up and motivate themselves. When the motivation fails, this sparkling ring will definitely cheer you up.

Spend Money Like Water

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Nope, they're not the kinds to think and spend money. Let's just say, they're born spendthrifts. If you've thought of spending, how about splurging onto this pretty pair of earrings?

Go Around The World

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If there's one thing they're really excited and passionate about- it's travelling. They're hardcore globe-trotters and explorers. Let the world see the beauty you carry with yourself.

A Strange Combination of Systematic and Stubborn 

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That's a deadly combination! Isn't it? The organised and systematic ones are very stubborn. If they're not convinced, they might skip your logical reasoning too. You should be really stubborn about buying these majestic earrings.

Hard Work Is All They Know

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For them success has only one ladder and that is hard work. Pat your shoulders for all the hard work put in and gift yourself with this beautiful reward.

Very Easy To Annoy

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Just try, it's really easy. We dare you! :P. This Mother's Day, surprise your mom with this really pretty Mom engraced pendant.

Here's wishing all the May borns a happy birthday! Keep shining and shopping.

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