Gemstones for the ‘Gem of people!’

Diamonds are forever, Gemstones for everything else!

Sapphires as blue as the waters in Corsica..

Yellow tourmalines that will put the blaze of the sun to shame..

Emeralds as green as the moss on the Himalayas..

Pearls as white as the snow of Switzerland..

Rubies as red as your lover’s lips..

These gems have life in them, their colors speak, what words fail for!

Gems are not only associated with wealth and exuberance but also have healing properties. Gems are known to provide the required vitamins for the body. The color of the gemstones plays a significant role in the stones’ healing energy.

Blue Sapphire (Blue)

[caption id="attachment_5378" align="aligncenter" width="477"]Sapphire RingSapphire[/caption]


It is the fastest working gemstone and has dramatic effects on the wearer. It can show its result in seconds. If it proves to be beneficial, then it works wonders and resolves all the problems. But, in case it doesn’t suit, then there are adverse reactions on the afflicted person. Hence, it should not be worn unless recommended by an astrologer.

Tip- Wear it on a Saturday!

Ruby (Red)

[caption id="attachment_5382" align="aligncenter" width="360"]rubyRuby[/caption]


This gemstone emanates radiance unparalleled in the mineral kingdom. It is known to increase energy and vitality of the wearer. A lot of health issues such as BP, diabetes, and cholera are remedied by wearing the ruby. It is supposed to propel one towards prosperity, name and fame in politics and promotions at workplace.

Tip: Wear it in your ring finger and on a Sunday!

Pearl (White)

[caption id="attachment_5380" align="aligncenter" width="360"]pearlPearl[/caption]


Pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens! The princesses in the royal family still wear delicate pearl necklaces. The color white signifies peace, purity, innocence and simplicity, and so are the effects on the person wearing a pearl.  Usually, a short-tempered person is recommended to wear it. It also helps people suffering from high blood pressure and insomnia.

Tip: Gift it to your boss when he/she gets angry! *wink*



Lapis Lazuli (Deep blue)

[caption id="attachment_5379" align="aligncenter" width="477"]Lapis lazuliLapis lazuli[/caption]


This stone intrigued me because of its name. Lapis means stone in Latin. It is a deep blue semi-precious stone and has been appreciated for its intense color since ancient times. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of friendship and truth and is known to reduce friction in a relationship.

Tip: Befriend that best friend again by gifting her Lapis lazuli ring! J


[caption id="attachment_5383" align="aligncenter" width="360"]Amethyst necklaceAmethyst[/caption]


Amethyst is a violet color gem-stone known to protect its wearer from intoxication. The Greeks used to make wine goblets from amethyst to prevent from drunkenness and insobriety. The world's largest deposits of amethysts are found in Brazil.

NO Tip: Wish somebody had given me this tip during college days! LOL

Rose Quartz


[caption id="attachment_5381" align="aligncenter" width="360"]Rose QuartzRose Quartz[/caption]

This stone exhibits a pale pink to rose red hue. Also famous as the ‘Stone of Love’, it has deep inner healing properties, fostering peace and tranquility in relationships.

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Be the gem that you are! <3

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