Gift Ideas For Bhai Log

  He is your best friend. Your 4 am buddy, Your biggest critic. Your most unreliable partner in crime and your best line of defense. He is all the contradictions rolled into one. The most annoying, loving, irritating and inspiring Bhai in the world. And no matter how many times he flees your grasp, shirks off his responsibility or pretends to be dying of asphyxiation in the presence of his family. Bhai Dooj gives you one chance to catch hold of our elusive bro and tell him that he means a whole damn lot to you. And that, you want to summon all the energies in this world, the superpowers and the super everything, to protect him from the evil eye and that evil woman, who you think he should not be dating.   Jokes apart, we picked some cool, classic and casual jewelry that you may want to gift to this bro of yours. This is quite an eclectic curation, we must say, and just a sampler of what we have in store for men.   Fire away! So the lord of the lords, lords over all kinds of accessories for men. From his Damru to his Trishul, the name engraved, emblazoned, encrusted with stones or simply sculpted in premium brass, these make for eye-catching gifts. SO What, if he is not the religious type, these style picks are good even for the staunchest atheists. Shop here   Running neck to neck with Siva is our good old Ganpati. The lovable elephant god who has been a fashion staple forever. Possibly because you can have much fun with Ganpati shapes, silhouettes and other elements on pendants, cuff-links, and bracelets. Here is a pick of our Ganpati collection that should get you going. Shop here   So he loves crips shirts and sherwanis, kurtas and all things formal does he? For the very serious type bhaiya, we have a seriously stylish collection of brooches. With horse head lapel retrofits to traditional ornate brooches, in rose gold and steel to meenakari and other forms of craftsmanship, these brooches will also speak volumes about your fashion sense.   Shop here       Chain him up! Keep him close to you! He may be the kind who loves his freedom, but a well-crafted chain is always a good, dependable fashion accessory to have. Convince him about the versatility of a medium length gold plated linked chain that can go with his t-shirts or kurtas. Plus a hundred other finishes and designs to choose from. Shop here     More spiritual notes on Bhai Dooj? Why not. Especially when you browse our Spiritual Saga collection that has every God and Goddess and religious figure you can imagine. Take your pick from our finely crafted gold silver and other accessories in prices that will make you wish, you have at least a dozen bros to gift. Shop here Wish you all Happy Bhai Dhooj!  
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