Guest Blog- Shreya Jain On Mother's Day

IMG_8146 Mother, what can I possibly say about this word which hasn't been said? Songs, sonnets, plays, you name it and everything on this word has been done, so I am going to skip the extremely sweet and emotional part of what a mother is and jump right on to a sweet and simple story, my story! As long as I can remember my life, I remember being fat. Being taunted. Being alone. And it was due to this loneliness I started to Vlog. Afraid of what people will say, I kept this a secret even from my own parents! One thing led to another and I started to love making You Tube videos. Obviously it was a hard secret to keep as I would constantly lock myself up in my washroom (yes! I used to film in my washroom!) and one day I had to break the news to my mom. I really thought she would ridicule the idea and tell me to close down my channel immediately, rather she was more than delighted that I had decided to do something creative and post this a lot of trips to malls and counters were made to buy new makeup, something she still accompanies me with (if I ask her that is!) I still remember the day I came home from school crying because a boy had bullied me because of my channel and I made a decision to delete it, it was in this weak moment that my mom stood up with me and told me how it important it was to love yourself and ignore what negative people have to say to you, this advice I still keep in mind while responding to any hater comment I might get once in a blue moon! It is no doubt that parents shape their offspring's and life is incomplete without their guidance, but the connection one has with their mom is incomparable. I can surely say if I wouldn't have my mom beside me to constantly motivate me and give me strength in my weakest moments, I would have long given up on my love for YouTube and would have never reached where I am. sj2 (1) sj_f3 A lot of people publicly acknowledge their love for their romantic alliance, but today I want publicly say, Mom, I love you. Everything I am is because of you and no matter what I do I can never repay you, Ever!   11190049_1386097098384950_716937283_n   About the Guest Blogger- Shreya is a famous Vlogger and Blogger located in Delhi, her simple and cute videos has now made her an official Vlogger on Youtube. Shreya was humble enough in sharing this article with us, on the Mother's Day occasion. She is active on all her social platforms and can be followed on Youtube and Insta.
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