Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Its time to express gratitude towards the Almighty God for continuous harvest and grace..

Its time to drown all the sorrows in your chardonnay and start everything afresh..

The last Thursday of November is here!

And the whole world is pepped-up to celebrate the festival with enthusiasm and zeal. Source: giphy.com

The other day I was telling a friend in India what Thanksgiving is all about and how largely it is celebrated in America. About family dinners, roast turkey, candied yams and marshmallow pie, chardonnay, the balloon parade (and the gargantuan rubber characters!), American football and of course, the crazy sale that follows the next day, known as the Black Friday.

Thanksgiving primarily came from America (and therefore so many questions from him!) and in India, people celebrate thanksgiving in form of various festivals such as Pongal in The South, Lohari in northern region and Ladin by the Christians in Goa. And I concluded our Thanksgiving discussion on a philosophical note that being grateful and expressing gratitude can change one’s entire life! Then pondering a lot over this, he later, asked, “You know, life is difficult and, therefore, being grateful becomes all the more difficult.  What if I say that I have nothing to be thankful for?”

I was befuddled by the question. Well, I know there are people suffering from serious health ailments, heart-breaks, deaths of loved ones, and other life-changing circumstances. And then there are people living their lives under normal circumstances but gratitude doesn’t come easily even to them.  Don’t be thankful only when you feel it. Say Thank You especially when you don’t feel it. What I truly believe is that focusing on good things makes your life better than focusing on bad things, and BTW this logic is backed up by science as well. 

It is comparatively easier to be thankful for the most important things in life, like a well-paid job, friends who are like family, happy marriage/family or being a wanderlust and getting to travel the world. But the ones who are actually truly happy are the ones who count their smallest of blessings and give thanks to the smallest trivial things. Be thankful when your face breaks into a smile when you smell a rose, be thankful that you have a shelter to live, be thankful when you experience nostalgia when you meet your old friends, be thankful when your daughter welcomes you back home with a hug, be thankful for little things in life! After all, they are everything!

Make gratitude a routine. And keep updating your gratitude-list everyday!

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(And, BTW, I am thankful to You for reading this column! )

Tons of love, joy and happiness... Happy Thanksgiving! <3

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