Have You Explored Our New Collection Of Oxidised Jewelery Yet?

We might be globetrotting the world but it is our roots we want to come back to. It might sound like a cliché but yet it holds true for most of us. Isn’t it? Or so it seems for our designers, at least! This new capsule Kutch collection by Studio Voylla encapsulates the nomadic beauty and diverse crafts of a traditional land, which has a history that seems to transcend time.

Colourful. Fiesty. Bright. Artistic. And Soul-stirring! You would love how this collection surprises you with every jewel! (Spoiler Alert: You can glam up any ensemble, be it shirt, kurta, blazer, jacket, jeans, culottes, sari, skirt, or almost anything with this Kutch Carnival Collection!)

The designers have drawn inspiration from the mystical and ethereal heritage of Kutch. Inspired by the clay-relief work on village houses and ghungroos by tribal women and Banni’s embroidery mirror work, each piece in this versatile collection is a true work of art and infuses traditional craftsmanship with a modern chic vibe.

Ethnicity redefined with the current trends!

Gold? Umm.. No Silver? No. How about both! Yes, the dual tone trend has made its comeback in jewelry this time! Fashion is a cycle and looks like it’s moving too fast! Silver necklace with golden ghunghroos? Thumbs up to this two-tone necklace! Embrace the trend with our favorite jewelry pieces. Let’s take a look..


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018-1The land of colours- Gujarat

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019Size does matter!

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Mystical beauty

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025027The Perks of Quirk

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028021-1023Whimsical ghungroos!

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This versatile collection will go with anything.. A capsule collection. Indeed!

Intricate designs. Dual tone jewelry. Affordable. Take home a piece of mythical splendour with a beautiful jewel from the land of Kutch!


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