Head To Toe Jewelry Guide For The Indian Bride

So the day you have been waiting for your whole life is finally here. You’ve nudged your dad into getting you the best Designer Lehenga and you’re all set to be the prettiest bride ever. But what use is it if you haven’t matched it up with the right set of Jewelry. Till the time the shimmer of gold and the sparkle of the stones beautifully complement your bridal wear, you won’t really Look the Part.

So what are the various kinds of Indian Bridal Jewelry and accessories that help complete and attain the bridal look? Here is a lowdown!

Maang Tika

A piece is of jewelry that is worn on the hair and forehead which often has a drop shaped pendant with intricate designs suspended from the chain. Often studded with beads or stones, it gives the wearer a glorious feel.

Matha Patti

Matha Patti is one of those ornaments that has a major impact on your entire look of your D-day. It can either make or can ruin your look in a jiffy. Unlike Maang Tika, it covers your entire forehead giving it the desired edge.

Pachlada or Satlada

Pachlada is a five string necklace, while Satlada is a seven string necklace. Often made with pearls, polki or kundan, it will take your grace notches higher.

Nath or Nose Pin

With a variety of options available, you can choose the nose pin as per your taste and preference. Nath has a side string made of pearls, polki, jewels or gold, that goes behind the ear and is secured to the hair.


Adorns your waist with this pretty and delicate ornament. It will immediately add that elegance to your overall Bridal Wear.

Paasa or Jhoomar

While teeka is worn in the center parting, Jhoomar or Paasa is a headpiece that is worn on the side. Inspired from the Mughal Era, it’s slowing making its way into every Bridal Kitty.

Haath Phool

These are ornaments that adorn the hands, where Haath means hands, and Phool means flowers. Typically these are made of kundan, or gold and are embellished with meenakari.


Armlets which embellish the upper arm. South Indian Brides typically wear armlets made of gold, whereas North Indian Brides wear kundan or polka bajubandh.


With your feet being so much in the focus while you are circumambulating around the fire or while you are getting your toe-rings put on, it becomes important to even accessorize your legs. Delicate anklets with tinkling bells that make music every time you walk will most definitely allure.

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